I just want to be free!

"Maleficent should lead the slave hunting party. " The king told his wife." She is the better tracker and huntress. " He commented with a sigh.  Maleficent stood beside her Master's rock throne, head bowed, listening to him talk, praising her, without actually doing so. The Master looked at her and leaned towards her.  "Take some of the best hunters and bring back some food! " He ordered her with a soft growl. 

Maleficent  bowed her head to her Master and Mistress, before turning and exiting the throne den.  She gathered the best hunting  slaves and overseer, and then took off for the hunting grounds,  the forest near the Pride's camp.  She sniffed the air and after a few minutes she had a dead deer at her Cougar paws. 

When she was taken by the Pride she had been forced into her Cougar form and had remained so.  She had been tortured, mauled and brutalized, until she feared the Pride King and Queen. Until she simply obeyed, never questioning an order, just doing. 

That is what she did day and night,  obeyed orders, and once in awhile tortured and killed or starved to death and then brought back to life over and over again. All she wanted was freedom.  To do what she wanted, when she wanted to.  But it would be 50 Centuries until that happened. 

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