"I'm better at being you than you ever were."

The Herald of Darkness

The Writer of the Night

Soldier of the Dark Presence

Fiend of Bright Falls

Words have a power.

He uses them as he sees fit, to create a world in his image.

Male | Age: 6 (appearance: 40)| Species: Unknown | Sexuality: Murder

There's a hole where his heart should be, a gaping chasm straight through his chest. It was taken from him decades ago in the 1970s.

Once upon a time, the Herald of Darkness crawled out of the depths of Cauldron Lake...


He's a writer. He can bring his words to life by reading them once he has penned them. They must be his own words, or things will go horribly, horribly wrong. He can create reality with penstrokes, driving the world closer and closer to his idea of perfection.

He works on commission, writing things for people for payment. The first is on the house. After that, it takes cash to get what you're chasing. It's only fair. He has to pay his rent and his utilities, as well as buy the nice things he deserves...

Or thinks he does.

His voice is a weapon. His writing gives him his bullets. What he uses it for is up to you. Trying to muzzle and control this power has never been attempted.

In addition to these powers, he controls the shadows as easily as some breathe. The Taken haunt this darkness, an army of his creation formed from the various people his shadows have overtaken and twisted into nightmares. They are enshrouded in darkness, and only by cutting through this with light can they be wounded or attacked.

He is capable of massive destruction, and is able to throw seemingly any object via use of his shadows to create poltergeist objects. He can dissipate his physical form and become nothing but those same dark mists.

"It's not a lake. It's an ocean. Ooooh."

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