Illyria the Merciless / Lyrie

In my time, nightmares walked among us. Walked and danced, skewering victims in plan sight, laying their fears and worst desires out for everyone to see. This to make us laugh.

Relationship Status and Romantic Interests::

Single of course. What creature can handle a pure bred demon, powerful Old One, God-King of the Primordium like myself?

Women, ( Some men do intrigue her like Loki and Spike due to their bad boy mischievous natures) Gargoyles, demons, vampires, Lycans, monster women, Amazons, Mord'Sith, anyone who can survive a round with her toe to toe, whoever currently tickles her fancy

Who She is::

Illyria, also known as Illyria the Merciless, was one of the Old Ones, the powerful pure-breed demons that ruled Earth prior to and during the rise of humankind.

Character story found her here.


Name Illyria
Aliases Winifred Burkle*
God-King of the Primordium
Illyria the Merciless
Fred Sonja
Blue Thunder
Status Alive
Classification Old One
Affiliation Unnamed mystical council
Scooby Gang (ally)
Angel Investigations
Demon Lords
Her Army of doom
Acolytes of Illyria
Notable powers
Superhuman strength, agility, reflexes, stamina, and near-invulnerability .
Time manipulation.
Interdimensional travel through self-created portals.
Plant communication and control.
Limited shapeshifting.
Enhanced senses.
Ability to differentiate between humans and non-humans.
Exceptional skills in hand-to-hand combat.
In her true primordial form, Illyria possesses inhuman strength, endurance, and size, armored skin and multiple tentacles, as well as all of her original powers being restored to their full potential.

Portrayed by Amy Acker

Base off of Illyria from the Buffy and Angel universe but modfied and story linking to being from a Mirror Alternate universe. An Illyria much like the paradox Illyria that current Illyria and Liandra face. This Illyria is from a Mirror universe nearly the same as the Wishverse. With this Illyria having all three icons of Illyria with her full powers and real form restored. Though she still takes on her humanoid appearance for convince and sometimes the human disguise of Winifred" Fred" Burkle when she wishes to blend in among the primative species without fear of discovery.

She is much like the Illyria from the main verse pre time bomb. She has moments of what could be called "kindness" still evil with a superiority complex. Has an unshakable bond with the vampire Spike which is the only known being she actually cares for beside her other "pets". Has a child like wonder to the modern age and is much like an eternal child with her behavior and questions about the world and her role within it.
Story is different for futuristic settings.

More details to come, work in progress

For modern and future settings. She has used the information from her host body memories. Those of Winifred "Fred" Burkle.
Using the math, science, and medical information among anything else she possessed. This has allowed Illyria to blend into human society by way of using the human appearance of Fred. In order to find her place and become stronger herself. She immersed herself into the technological world to see how it was that humans could dominate the planet as they did with their" science".

She even indulged in medieval and modern weaponry, becoming a fan of swords, crossbows,bows and arrows, guns, flame throwers, though did not fine much use for bombs or explosives of any kind. She engaged in witch craft as well in an effort to find a way to allow her "shell" to handle her True Glory and retain all her powers. After she managed that, she continued to study magic so she could use science and sorcery in tandem to make her able to oppose any enemy. She got into computer hacking as well, wanting to learn how to hack the web and other technological dependent systems. She began to invent gadgets as Fred use to do and studied many different forms of medicine both modern and mystical to get a better understand on the body for both humans and demons. This would allow her to torture and kill them with peak efficiency.

By using magic and technology in combination with her own demonic powers, she was able to re establish her rule as Monarch and restored her temple of VAHLA HA'NESH and her Army of Doom. She made a nice comfy living for herself, using the knowledge the human known as Fred did along with her own vast knowledge from having lived since primordial times. She made her kingdom within the dimensional plane she put her temple in and added her own garden in the form of a giant forest/ jungle which she calls " The Green". She has grown accustomed to life in the modern era.


Human or humanoid with blue skin, hair, and eyes with a harden bio mechanical like body armor

Occupation : Fighter, Being a powerful Demon, botanist due to her ability to speak with and control over plant life, expert scientist with a focus on botany and toxicology, expert in dark/ black magic, scientific inventor- in order to be able to use both science and sorcery to deadly effects and in combination with one another, beast tamer- having a natural affinity for talking to and controlling all demonic base beasts. Genius level Hacker and excellent Marksmen. Gadget inventor.

In the future setting. She has established herself as a gifted human. With vast amount of knowledge in the eras of Medicine, science, and technology. With her immense knowledge she has often worked as a skilled doctor or gifted Engineer, though she is known best for being a brilliant Scientist. Many people in the Federation ( for Star Trek, different for other syfy settings) into thinking she was not human but possibly an Augment or genetically enhanced, or an alien species posing as a human. Since there is no feasible way for her to become an expert in three main fields like medicine, science, and engineering, as well as being inhumanly strong for such a slender, petite looking woman. This led her to becoming mixed up in Section 31 later on in life as they had suspicions about her. She managed to full them for a time until she was caught helping an Augment for reasons unknown, and they immediately suspected she was an Augment all along and hunted her down. Needless to say when she showed incredible physical strength and killed her would be pursuers with nothing but her bare hands. She all but confirm she was not human, but an augment or definitely something masquerading as human. So she fled and hijack a science vessel and disappeared and has never been seen since, Until now.

Species :: Primordial Pure Super Demon 

Powers and abilities::

"So far, I've established that she can hit like a Mack truck, selectively alter the flow of time, and uh, possibly talk to plants."
The full scope of Illyria's power is unknown, though her powers exceed those of many beings on earth.

Superhuman strength: When Illyria took over her new "shell," Illyria possessed tremendous superhuman strength. Spike likened a blow from Illyria to being hit by a Mack truck.

Hand-to hand skills: Her strength and agility made her a formidable hand-to-hand combatant. Illyria used an ancient fighting style that Spike compared to taekwondo and Brazilian jujitsu. Although Spike's adaptability gives him an occasional advantage, Illyria dominated their sparring sessions.

Superhuman endurance: Her skin was a hardened shell, providing her superhuman endurance with a heavy armor capable of withstanding blows from forged weapons, such as swords or axes.

Time Manipulation: Illyria was aided in combat by her ability to selectively alter time, which allowed her to easily dodge both attacks and bullets; she could accomplish a goal and leave an area before her opponent even realized she has moved. She has only been shown altering the flow of time to produce a slow motion effect, though it is possible that she can alter time in other ways. When she became unstable, her abilities caused her to be thrown through time, accidentally dragging a past version of Angel along with her. When she exploded, Angel got flung back in time but Illyria, while having died, seemed to retain the memory of what had happened during that time.

Inter-dimensional travel: She can also open inter-dimensional portals.

Shapeshifting: Illyria could alter her appearance on a basic level, and she was capable of recreating Fred's persona accurately enough to fool Fred's parents. She told Knox that she could take any form she choose.(giant bat,panther,wolf, mist,bees)

Empathy: Illyria had empathic abilities that allow her to perceive the emotional states of others. She was, for instance, capable of sensing Connor's lust for her and Wesley's frustration with Angel as well as his grief over Fred's death.

Flora communication: Illyria communicated with flora, often spending hours at a time communing with a plant.

Species differentiation: She was capable of distinguishing humans (or "primitives") from demons, vampires, and other half-breeds, as well as other non-humans such as Marcus Hamilton (referring to him as a "creature").

Other: Illyria retained the insights from her experiences as an Old One, which enable her to effectively analyze the power dynamics, personal motivations, and emotions that influence those around her. She was stronger than Spike and Angel combined (having proven at one point to be able to engage both in battle simultaneously and come out victorious). She also demonstrated some awareness of past spells, able to detect that something had altered Fred's memories before she acquired Fred's body even if she was unable to determine what had existed in Fred's mind before the spell changed things.

Controls plant life
Secretion of floral toxins
Immunity to all toxins, bacteria, and viruses
Expert in botany and toxicology
Mystical connection with plants through force called the Green

Siphoning: Siphoners have the rare ability to absorb magic, in all forms, from another source.
Spell Casting: Siphoners, after having absorbed magic, have the ability to cast spells like any witch.

Siphon. A being who rips mystical energy from all she touches. All who possess supernatural power. Vampire, demon... even Slayer."

Her syphon ability allowed her to drain the energy of "mystical" beings, such as Slayers or vampires, which enhanced her physical abilities greatly. After a massive feeding, she is able to emit concussive energy blasts and possessed enough strength to overpower both a slayer and Vampire. The process also increases her healing ability, enabling her to simply shrug off a stake to the heart.

After draining an old one powers, the power gain increases her power over time and space.

Demonic Beast Tamer - Ability to communicate with and control all manner of demonic beasts/ creatures, as well as summon to her aid.

Invinciblity/ Resurrection: She can never fully be killed as her demonic essence is immortal and indestructible. She will always find a way to revive and resurrect herself. The only thing that can be done upon her death is to trap and contain her essence in a special sarcophagus.

Portal mastery: In addition to using portals for interdimensional travel. She is also able to use them for many practical applications as well as combat. Make a small portal in which to grab an object from anywhere in the world or any point in time. She can use it in battle to attack someone out of her reach or even use it to slice someone or something in half. It is limited only by her creativity.

Plant Manipulation

Power/Ability to:
Manipulate plants
The power to control plant-life. Variation of Organic Manipulation.

Also Called

Plantlife Manipulation

Users can create, shape and manipulate plants, including wood, vines, plants, moss, and parts of the plants, such as leaves, seeds, fruits and flowers. The user can cause plants to grow, move/attack or even rise from the soil and "walk", mutate plants by rearranging DNA structure and revive withered or dead plants.

They can use their power for defense and support by growing plants from the ground and make them sprout seeds/fruits/berries, or even to possibly use plant chemicals to heal people or objects or manipulate their properties for a wide range of effects.

Though less commonly activated by passive users, the ability may deal a series of offensive techniques on a target. Using the plants as weapons enables users to grasp and strike continuously with vines and roots, project thorns at a distance, and quickly regenerate the withering weapons at the user’s will. They can make vines grow and climb around a target's neck, causing choking, or even strike with plants. A more subtle technique is to release damaging toxins and pheromones, affecting targets in which conditions should be treated quickly with ailments.

User may also control plants in their altered forms, i.e. concentrated forms, such as cotton clothing/fabric, paper, etc.

(She is able to do everything swamp thing, poison ivy, and yoko kurama from Yu-Yu hakusho, can do. She has become a master of planet control and generation)

Other abilties have yet to be displayed

Many think the human shell I took over still exists but I have long since purge her soul and essence. I retain full control over this shell I now Inhabit.
I Believe...
"To never die... And to conquer all. That is winning." Pure bloods, War, Hell of Earth, pure Chaos. Demonic might make right

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