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"They say that the blood of virgins holds the most power; that it holds the most value. Some believe, that consuming it will bring some kind of strange power or eternal youth. Although I personally don't believe it, though my father must have. Most often times - I was the prime choice for feeding off of." ~ Nav.

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Most stories, such as mine, have been lost to time. Told and retold until every strain of the truth has been exaggerated or removed from them entirely. Or; also like my story, they haven't been told at all.

Known as the "King of Vampires," my father has earned his reputation over the years. By people who have either grown to be grossly obsessed with his tales, or those who rightly remember he is to be feared. My mother, also known as a secondary 'father' to me, is known by many names to the various peoples of this world. Primarily, the Norse; they refer to said entity as "The god/goddess of Mischief." How my parents even came to cross one another's paths, I still do not know. I would ask, although I have no wish to speak to my father ever again - and I am still looking for my mother..or..second father(?)


As a young girl, I often wondered where my mother was. I grew up without the knowledge of what 'affection' meant, or the knowledge of how to emulate it. I was kept away in my room, hidden from the world. Neither of my parents held any interest in me; save for the times when my father saw fit to feed from me. I still carry the scars from those nights. If I knew how at the time,

I'm sure I would have tried to kill him. I am unsure what I would do should I come across my mother again, seeing as I haven't seen my mother but once or twice in my life; in my very early years.

Loki took on a female form, at that time.


I spent all of my birthdays alone. Almost all of my time period, was alone. I was stuck in my room, with only a few books to read over and over. I left only when my father decided that I could. Which, was almost never at all. I did get to see the village a few times was interesting.


There is only once, that I can remember, where I was outside the castle of my own wishes. I had to stay in the shade,  but I will never forget what it was like to see the sun. It was an early Spring day, so it was the perfect conditions for me. It was the 

one day that I can actually remember enjoying myself.

Other than that, my childhood was...hell. Having Dracula for a father, was by far the worst fate that I could've had handed to me. Contrary to the Romanticized beliefs that people have concocted about my father, living with him is not something that anyone would enjoy. He is used to having his way, and will do anything to have it. I am proof of this not only in my scars, but in the fact that I bore witness to countless of his Wives' deaths. The castle I called 'Home' for so long, was painted in their blood.  As a baby, I assume it was one of my father's many wives that was in charge of taking care of me. Though with my father's habit of brutally murdering his wives whenever he saw fit to, I think I would be safer to assume that I had many caretakers, not just one. Although, it was partly the negligence of one of his wives and my father himself, that I managed to escape in the first place. 

                                   So I guess in the end, I am the one who won. 

Early adolescence - present.

The lifespan of either of my parents is exceptionally long, which means each phase of my life will last much longer.

Although, I am also aware

of the fact that when I reach a certain age, I will stop aging physically. Whether or not I have reached that age or not, I do not know. All I do know, is that so far, my existence has not been a very enjoyable one.

What exactly I've been looking for, I am not sure. I don't know how to love, and I have little interest in sex. So I suppose, I am not looking for a lover. I guess that is for the best, though. I hate being touched - I can thank Dracula for that. 

Whatever curiosity or interest that I could have once had in what love was, was leeched from me.  Tore from me in the worst way possible.

I had shown interest in a little boy from the village. He was sweet, and he would give me a flower when he saw me. The first time, he gave me a little handful of half-wilted dandelion puffs and clovers. Among them, was a little red poppy that he'd found. Regardless of their condition, I was elated. I did not get to come to the village often, though it seemed like he would wait for me regardless of how long it was since I had last been there.  

Each time that I came to the village, I was given as many of these flowers that he could find. I would spend my entire time in the village walking in the market with him, just talking about various things. I wanted very much to tell him the truth about who and what I was, but at the same time I was trying to keep my secret safe from my father. Soon enough, Michael found out on his own who I was. He'd followed me home, and made the treacherous climb all the way up to my window just to give me a flower. This simple gesture is what made my cold little heart begin to flutter in my chest. It felt so..nice. I haven't felt anything like it since then. 


Unfortunately for me, my father did not much appreciate my affairs. There was once, and only once, that Michael kissed me. The same night, he told me that he didn't care who I was, or what I was. We planned to leave together as soon as possible. I couldn't wait. I was so excited - I really thought that he would come back for me. And so I waited.

He never came back.  

In my foolishness, I thought if I just kept waiting, that one day Michael would return.  My father took notice of the change in me, and so asked me about it. When I refused to tell him, he became furious and slapped me, telling me that he already knew what I had been up to.   

"Insolent child, how dare you hide things from me! Did you really think that anyone could love you? There are consequences for your whorish behavior, Navaya. Surely, you knew to expect this."  ~Dracula  

Needless to say, my defense of my actions was probably worded in the worst possible way that I could have said it. I told my father that it was he who was the fool; that I knew Michael loved me, and that no matter what my father said, he would come back for me. My father laughed at me, and told me that already, Michael had "forgotten me for another." I did not believe my father, and made it quite clear so. I was not prepared for the pain that would shoot through me, when I saw the proof of what my father had said.

To prove to me that there was no way that Michael truly loved me, my father took me to the village and to Michael's home. Hidden outside the window, I saw what I thought was Michael with another girl, promising her the same things that he had once promised me. Enraged, I flew through the window, shattering the glass and immediately being covered in cuts. It wasn't until I had beaten the life out of Michael and he was about to take his last few breaths, that I realized - there was no one else there. 

I had been tricked.

Michael's life was the first that I had ever taken. The full reality of what had happened did not hit me until later, when my father had moved me to another room. Locked me inside, and never again let me out on his own accord. He left me there to rot, with the realization of what I had done. Out of my sudden jealousy, I allowed my eyes to be crowded by the deceptions portrayed by the will of my father. And in doing that, I had been manipulated into murdering the one person I had had real contact with aside from my father. The one person who would have given me reason to try to escape my father's clutches.

Or so my father believed.


What my father did not take into account, is that the very moment I lost Michael; my heart became solid ice. With no one left to warm away the coldness from me, the only person I had any concern for, was myself. Dracula had succeeded in purging the unwanted beginnings of emotions in me, and he had succeeded in killing all curiosity about love in me.  What my father had NOT succeeded in, was what he intended. My stubbornness and unwillingness to cooperate with him grew stronger, to the point that I eventually found my own way to manipulate circumstances to make a way for myself to escape.


Since my escape from Castle Dracula, I have lived life how I want to. I am damaged by the leftover effects of my time living with my father, though I do not necessarily believe myself to be crippled by it.

I hunt when I want to, though it isn't often. I prefer to ignore and avoid society, Although, there are times when I've been dragged into it against my own will.

I put little care into material  things, but what's mine is mine; I will bite if I have to. The one thing that I have that I will likely kill for, is the first flower that Michael gave me. I pressed it in my diary... which I keep hidden near my heart at all times. I read through it sometimes. My foolishness of my younger years amuses me.


Aside from the one time that I did unfortunately feel for another, I have a few other things that I like to keep to myself as much as possible. Among these, are premonitions I once had, many many years ago. I was going to have a child of my own, a daughter. Michael and I were going to be together, and I was going to be happy.

I think about this at times, and it still brings a dulled kind of pain to my frozen heart.

.:: Disorders ::.

x Anorexia x - Navaya developed anorexia, by trying to starve herself into looking unattractive so her father would leave her alone. She still suffers from it, and will only feed when she absolutely has to.

x Underlying OCD x  - Navaya's OCD doesn't act up much unless she is under extreme duress or is very upset by something. Other than that, it only manifests in little bits. (Counting, organizing things when she sees they're out of order, etc.)

x Apathy/ Detachment to everything x - Navaya's apathy is way past what can be considered that of a 'normal' level. She literally cares about no one and nothing; Navaya hardly cares enough about her own self-preservation or well-being.

x  Haphephobia  x - Navaya hates being touched, due to her abuse from her father. she also hates touching other people, as she wants in no way to develop a way to feel again for anyone else.

x  Coulrophobia  x - Navaya hates clowns. She isn't sure exactly why, but she finds them irritably disturbing.

.:: Powers and Abilities ::.

x High intelligence

x Small manipulation of fire; she is still working on it.

x Shapeshifting; can grow or shrink as well.

x The ability to  travel through moonlight.

x Inhuman strength.

x Short-term weather manipulation; namely storms and fog.

x Working on the three main powers of her father: Hypnotism, telepathy, and illusions.

x Ability to communicate with, and limited control of;  animals such as rats, owls, bats, moths, foxes and wolves. (Control is lost if the animals are distracted: angry, frightened, or etc.)

x Inhuman agility.

x Ability to walk on walls and ceilings.

x Immunity to most magic and diseases.

x Manipulation and creation of ice and snow.

x Darker form; and partial Jotun form. (to be worked on later)

***Learning other abilities. ***

.:: Weaknesses ::.

x  Too much sunlight (direct or indirect) will make her sick. Too much sunlight(direct exposure) will cause burns, and will make her sicker much more quickly. It is enough to cause terrible suffering, but she will not die - she is stuck in her torment until healed on her own or cured by some other means.

x Her apathy and distaste for other people prevents her from enjoying mostly anything in her life.

x She has a secret love for all things with pumpkin spice in them - a "sweet fang" she calls it.

x Overuse of certain abilities cause her fatigue, despite her elevated stamina.

x Heat

x She is weaker during daylight hours.

***More to be added later. ***

~      ~


Father:: Dracula.

'Mother':: Loki. [ Who was a woman at the time]



None thus far.

[[ Ask if you'd like to discuss your character being added to either list. ]]

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