Interview: Session 1 - [First Impressions]


The door was ripped open and fell shut at its own pace. Heavy footsteps plodded past it as the familiar man clad in jeans and a black leather jacket came storming toward me. He wore the scowl I made something constant, some time ago. I’d envisioned it many times over. That didn’t change the tension when it landed on me this time around, instead. I watched as the chair that sat empty across from me was drug across the floor haphazardly. He sat down.



“Do you know why you’re here?”


“Here- or here? I’m here because they tell me

that you  supposedly put me on this goddamn

Earth and I want to hear why you did it.

So start talking.”



“So you know what’ll happen if you take me off of this Earth, huh?

Just makin’ sure. So Kei-”


“Why don't you call me by my damn name.

You gave it to me, didn’t you?”


“Sorry... So Jason. You’re right.

I’ve directed you up ‘till now and here we are.

Do you have any comments on me? First impressions?” 



“You look like I could set you over my knee

and break you in half."




"And you sure as hell don’t look like a 'Lenny', either.

While I’m at it, leave it to my luck that my fate’s  in the hands of a-”



“-You can watch your mouth. I think I'm doing just fine with it.”



"I wouldn't have PTSD symptoms if you were."


"Alright... fair enough."






“I think if we’d met in this room a couple years ago,

you would have killed me by now.”


“Who’s to say if I still won’t?”



“Me. Because I know you’ve come a long way,

you’re not the same as you were.”



“Are you surprised? It’s your doing, ain’t it?”



“I suppose… it’s not always fully up to my control.

There are other factors to it. It’s hard to explain, but I’d promise you.

You can take as much credit for yourself as I can. Maybe a little mo-.”



 “Then why the hell am I here?

Why'd you need me just to put me through what you did?



“Y’know… I don’t think you’ll ever stop asking that.

I think you'd asked yourself that before you ever knew of me.”



“Answer my fucking question.”



“If we’re being perfectly honest here, it was at a time I didn’t have

as much control, so I needed a change. Maybe an outlet.”



“What do you mean... outlet?



“I was at a rock bottom, and so, you were too.

I needed somebody that could handle rock bottom.”



“You don’t know rock bottom. 

The shit that’s happened to me,

the things I’ve seen and felt because-”



“No… no, I don’t, not like you.

You’re right and I’m sorry. But you were only put there so

you could climb out of it. And you did, incredibly. More times

than I expected you to. Jay, I don’t know how you’re still doing

as well as you are. That’s a part of it that’s out of my control.”





“...So just what is in your control?”



"We'll talk more next time."


"Next time?"


"Yeah. This isn't the end. So think about it.

I'm sure you have more questions. So do I."





-  To Be Continued.  -




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