Interview: - Session 2 [Kid You're Ridiculous]



“So… you’ve sorta directed me along the way,

or something like that, you said..?”



“That’s right, more or less.

Wherever you’ve gone, I had Some say to it.

At least in more recent years.”


“So my apartment, even?”


“Yeah, I picked that out.”


“Do you think you could’ve put

some new carpet in at least?”


“Well I-”


“Or fixed it so the shower doesn’t

 squeak when it turns on?”


“Are you seriously asking about-”


“Or how half the plug-ins are shady as fuck-“


“Nik, are these seriously your most

pressing questions for me right now?

After last time we talked and all?”




“I swear dude, you’re ridiculous sometimes.

Alright then, start with something different.

Maybe some of the recent things you’ve been up to,

decisions that you’ve made. We’ve made.”



“Demons… huh?”


“Er- not that one.

We’ll talk about that another time, I promise.”



“Rude. How about last summer when

I passed out on that rooftop?”


“Ahah hey man, you did that to yourself.”


“Yeah well, I don’t wanna believe you.”


“Sorry. Bet you haven’t had whiskey since, huh?”



“Or the time I spent all night in a freaking church attic

and had to sneak out the next morning after the service.

How the hell did you come up with that anyway?”


“C’mon, you had fun!

You’ve got to admit that wasn’t a bad time.”



“Maybe, if I wasn’t crawling in my skin

the whole time I was there.”



“So dramatic, kid.

You met Nes that night, It wasn’t exactly for nothing.”



“Was that part planned?”


“No comment. I don’t really control

what company you’re with.”


“Suuure… What about Paradox?”



“That’s your deal, you got the job after all.

Not that I didn’t make sure you saw the sign.”



“Do you know anything about the future?”



“Ahhh… give or take?”



“Will I learn it's name?”



“If you do, it won’t be for a while.”


“Dating anybody?”


“The odds aren’t looking good, fam.”



“Well... damn. 

All that and the outlets in my apartment are still fucked?

What am I supposed to be  getting from this?”



“You know you could fix those up

yourself, right boy scout?”





“Yeah, that's what I thought. 

I know it’s only been a little while, but I’ve gotta go.

Any last words?”



“I guess if you don’t have any answers,

got any advice at least?”


“Yeah, I suppose…

Call Agnes more often, she’s not too busy, trust me,

and don't let your head tell you any different. Be careful

when you're touring Nessie around- I mean it.





“Remember to flip the breakers before you go fixing those plug-ins.

See’ya, kid.”







- To Be Continued -




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