Interview: Session 3 - [Three Questions]


Before the ‘closed’ sign could be flipped to display on the streets, the door opened with a ‘ding’ and the man still working inside shot a glance to it, mortified. Ignoring the persecuting stare by the vampire that had mixed reviews of the last visit, I walked past and carried on down the old wood floors of the record shop. I heard the lock click as footsteps followed.



“So you did decide to come back.”


“I told you we’d talk soon, I held my promise.”


“And just what is it this time?”


“I’m here to answer your questions. Any of them.

You’ve had enough time to think about it, haven’t you?”


“I don’t need a false god’s words.”


“I’d believe that if I didn’t know you, but I do.

You’ve been thinking about it since I left.”


“Then you know I’ll politely ask you to leave.”


“I do know that. I’ll ask that you ask me three

questions before I do. I’ll leave without a fuss.”



“So be it. Tell me about Paradox. Will it be successful?”


“Securing your assets first huh?

What a businessman.”


“Answer it.”



“Alright, alright… the shop will be fine. You’ll have

to keep working at it as hard as you have been, but as long as

you do that, you can handle what’ll be thrown at you.”


“What’ll be thrown at me? Such as?”



“You’ll have to wait and see, I can’t guarantee what

might come your way, just like you can’t.”


“Will they interfere?”


“Just stay Focused. Don’t get too distracted.

I’ll admit it though, you’re going to have some hard

decisions to make in the future.”


“Distracted? Would I?

And what do these decisions pertain to then?”



“You are distracted, and we both know it. We both know why.”





“That’s all I’ll say, I won’t hassle you on it.

Next question.”



“Will I be expecting a trip to England anytime soon?”


“Yes, but it won’t be all business. It’ll partially be

a pleasure trip even.”


“I couldn’t believe you, they never are.”



“It’ll be different this time, I’ll promise you.

There will be pros and cons, but it won’t just be routine.”



“When is this?”



“Soon, you’ll know when, the same as always.”





“One question left Dom, in case you weren't counting.

So are we going to talk about it, or not?”




“That night with her, what happened. I know you haven’t gotten it out

of your head since. Talking about it might do you some good.”



“Why would I want to speak with you, of all people?

Hadn’t you already explained your part in what happened?”




“I did. Therefore, no one else knows your case

better than you and I do.”


“And  still you let it happen… didn’t you?”


“Theoretically. I opened the door for the possibility.”



“Could it have gone any other way..?

Was there any other outcome that could have been?”



“Do you remember what they told you, about looking

too far into the past? It applies here too.”


“A year is hardly history.”


“Fine... no. I think any other outcomes were slim. I'm sorry...

but once things were set in motion there wouldn't have been

any stopping it.”




“And now, I think you’re afraid of it. You’re afraid it’ll happen again

and you'll lose somebody.”



“Why wouldn't I be? Should I be..?”



“Yes. That doesn’t mean you don’t try.”



“And then? How long do I get to keep my

happiness until the next incident?”



“You won’t know unless you decide to test those waters.

Any more questions?”




“What of Charlie, where is she...?

Why take that risk when she knew what could

happen? Did she think that the coven would just-”




“Take it easy, slow down will you? She had her reasons,

and you know she wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t important.

You’ll know with time. She’s safe, let her worry for herself.

You worry about you.”


“Alright then.”


“You can say you doubt me all you’d like, but that was

a few more than three questions.”



“I don’t know how you could have

known what you told me thus far.”



“You don’t have to believe me, you just have to listen.

That’s all for now, once again, we’ll talk soon.”



“How soon?”


“Once you’ve straightened a few things out. See’ya.”




Just like that, the front door was unlocked and they closed once more. What was left in the shop was a couple dozen unanswered questions, and one unsettled vampire.




7uqtPSr.png?profile=RESIZE_180x180 -To Be Continued-

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