Kira Volkov the First


Name: Kira Volkov

D.O.B: N/A

D.O.D: N/A

Ethnicity: Jewish Russian

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Height: 5'10


Info: Kira Volkov is the middle child of three brothers. His older brother is Arkhip Volkov and his younger brother is Ivan Volkov the Second. During the second world war, Kira had left Russia to help the citizens of Poland. Exact reasons behind this choice are still unknow. While he was in Poland, the house he was staying at was ransacked by Nazi soldiers who found a small family hiding in the attic. Kira had not been aware of the refugees but he was still arrested for the crime of 'harboring criminals' and was later put in a camp. After a few years of suffering, Kira and a three other men had managed to hide away in a cattle car after they had removed the dead that had come in on it. One of the men died while they were on the train while another died while Kira and the two remaining men bailed from the train car somewhere in the Polish country side. With little opptions, Kira and the other remaining escapee fled to a near by woods where they came across a small band of resistance fighters. Kira's brothers Ivan and Arkhip were amoung the resistance fighters. Sheltering in the underground makeshift bunkers, Kira would start the long road to recovering as much as possible. The third man he escaped with died shortly after finding the rouges from starvation and the cold. Kira would be with the resistance fighters for two years until the war's end. From there he returned back to Russia with Arkhip. Ivan was killed during the war during a failed raiding attempt on a small Nazi outpost.


Face Claim: Matthew Settle

Kira, Ivan, and Arkhip are all creations of my very own, please do not steel. I have done a lot of research on the topics I have mentioned in his back story and I am still researching to this day. I understand that the topics are touchy so I will not be roleplaying him during those times in his life. Whenever I use Kira in a roleplay, it will be at least one year after World War 2. 

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