Looking for a roleplaying partner

Hi!My name is Crimson and I am looking for a roleplay partner.  I am semi lit and joined recently because I missed roleplaying. Aplogies if I am rusty. So here is the roleplay I have in mind of course plot wise it can be opened for discussion but here is what I generally have.before I go into that here is what you'll need to know.

it's Scifi/ superhero. No romance. And is more or a found family kind of story. Everything you need to know about my character Mako Winsteem is on my profile!


so here is the general Idea for the story. Which is more for the beginning anyway like I said discussion is open! 

Mako experiences his ability Drawn Fate. And as he usually does he starts investigating it and how he is connected to whatever the event maybe. However in doing so he finds out it is also connected to a major case being worked on by police officals. He can either end up working with a actual detective, a superhero, a villain or whatever you're character is. The plot is mostly up for discussion!


(i don't know if I am doing this right)


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