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-Character One-

Felix Luvalia

【Male | 19 | Human】

Hegemon of the Ashen Sigil

-✣- Tragic. You aren't even worth challenging. -✣-


Entry One

Heart Made from Broken Blades


From the frozen valleys to the furthest hills.

From the blazing forests to the nearest plains.

Violence will always pave a clear way to peace.

Chaos and disorder incite justice and prejudice.

Peace and law incite crime and corruption.

Emotion is a currency that we share with one another.

Logic is a weapon that we fight with one another.

∴∵  -. .-  ∵∴

Find it true to perceive the false.

Find it false to perceive the truth.

The duality of prose and thought precedes diametric attribution.

The prosperity of humanity and the arts precede diabolic retribution.

There is no heart made, still, of flesh.

There is no heart made, yet, of purity.

There is only shattered swords scattered across fickle lands, subject to wartorn agony.

The innocent and guilty share a bond deeper than ancestry: a heart made from broken blades.


Entry Two

hints for a riddle with no question


we seek a journey of glory and honor

yet neglect to discover, for ourselves, the blessings from within

that resides within us since our creation

until the bitter moment leading to our destruction

of which take our blessings; shatter our linkage to those we cherish

and replace it with nothingness

∴∵  -. .-  ∵∴




and we ask ourselves why?

for what purpose?

please, Lord, give me a sign

a guide

a hint

value? happiness? virtue? salvation? philosophy of theology only to gain confidence, rather than face a truth better left unknown?

or perhaps, the lifelong answer to this eternal dilemma is....



Entry Three

Worldly Repentance


When first I trained under my father,

I was influenced by a sort of numbing trance.

Stance after stance; motion after motion

I succeeded in many tasks passed on to me


I made my father proud


Through bloodline and integrity,

My pride is the greatest fuel no magic can ever diminish.

I've never once considered training to be a burden,

No matter how much I swung my sword.


I made my first mistake


Quest by quest I acquired new acquaintances,

Claiming riches and glory as expected as any such young adventurer

And through all the people I've saved,

I never once, up to this point, considered my blade as one of my own.


I thought it was a tool, but it was much more than a simple armament.



-Character Two-

Kenny Blurrs

【Male | 22 | Human】

hella fresh, mothafucka

-✣- The fuck you lookin at, mothafucka? Get yo bitch ass outta here! Mothafucka. -✣-


Entry One

142 Street Avenue


Damn the cops.

Damn the thugs.

Damn this city.

Damn you all.


∴∵  -. .-  ∵∴


I hate cops.

I hate thugs.

I hate shit.

I hate your bitch ass. 


Entry Two

3 AM


 A cup of coffee laced with liquor.



∴∵  -. .-  ∵∴





Entry Three

Social Perdition


Cast out into the streets of hell

where all the homies gathered round.

Ain't no place for an empty shell

to hope for peace and sound.


∴∵  -. .-  ∵∴


Shit gonna hit shit soon

like it always do.


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