{My version of} Lady Loki


Basic information

Full name: Loki Laufeydottir

Nickname(s)/alias(es): Lady Loki, Lady, Loki Odindottir

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown. She appears to be in around her twenties

Height: Varies upon what form she takes.

Weight: Also varies upon what form that she has taken.

Species: A sort of a hybrid, between being born Jotun and being partially 'turned' Aesir by her dimension's Odin.



Former princess of Asgard; though she has none as of now. She keeps to herself most of the time, and cares after her son. 


Notes and other information

Affiliations/Organizations: The people of Asgard (in her own dimension), her past lovers, and lost children.

Relationship status: Single - has loved once and lost twice.

Favorite things: Books in which she can learn something she didn’t now before or she can expand her knowledge on things she has found interest in, spending time in forests or gardens, cats, Nutella, and macaroni and cheese on hamburgers.

Least Favorites: Excessively crowded places, being distracted when she is trying to read, and being reminded how much she misses her children. She also hates to eat spinach or beans, if they are alone and not in with something else. 

Hobbies/Interests: Sitting in her pajamas barefoot, and reading books. Sometimes, she likes to watch baking shows simply because they interest her; most of the time they are the ones where people aren’t very good at it. Most of her free time is used on practicing magic, or learning new things. She likes to keep her mind busy, so she doesn’t have time for her mind to wander - a majority of her nights are spent sleepless. Which..sometimes works in her favor if Sleipnir needs her. 

Lying, though she usually does it only when she has to. Mind games, puzzles, and tricking others are sometimes pastimes. She is good at writing, reading other languages, and creating art; although she believes she is not any better at it than she thinks she is at singing. In spite of what she thinks, she actually has a wonderful singing voice.

Side notes

x She is Ambidextrous, but predominately right handed.

x She is most powerful with her telepathy, shapeshifting and illusion skills.

x Dealing with fire long-term or being around excessive heat makes her feel sick.

- Prolonged exposure to it ends up with her unable to do much of anything until cooled off; the string of “side effects” of being around, in, or just near too much heat begins with feeling lightheaded, then goes to a nosebleed, and continues on from there.

x As for her fighting style, she uses magic most of the time, but has been known to resort to using either daggers or her hands if she has to. 

 x Her 'Equipment/Inventory' most of the time involves just a book, but will carry a few pocket knives if she is going out.

x Her Preferred Weapon(s) are magic or daggers. 



She has long dark hair, pale skin, and bright green eyes. She is thin, and prefers to wear black more than any other color, but will wear either green or gold if wearing something more formal.

Tattoos/Birthmarks/Scars: Many scars gotten over the years, and a small snowflake shaped birthmark beneath her chest. She has other marks on her body in true form, though they have been slightly altered due to her many attempts to change how she looks. 

Jewelry/Accessories: Two piercings, which she gave herself. Out of a final acceptance of what she was being called, and as a way to remember her fallen children; both lip rings she has are engraved with their names. 



Lady can be cold, and distant, especially if she doesn’t know someone. It takes her a long time to become alright with anyone, as she has a lot of trust issues. She is uncertain of children and finds they make her uncomfortable, while animals make her feel more at ease. At times, she is known to be sarcastic and even snide or vindictive - however, most of the time she prefers her own company to that of others and despite feeling lonely, will still isolate herself willingly to avoid being hurt again. Aside from all of this, she can and will kill someone for coming too close to her son.

Her biggest fear is letting herself open up and be close to someone again. She doesn’t want to fall in love, and she doesn’t want to have another child for fear of being a bad mother or not being able to protect it. Another fear she has, is being touched. She hates being touched suddenly, or without her permission. As well as being found out by anyone from her dimension - or having her only child left killed by Odin. 

Cleaning her apartment when she is upset about something. Running her fingers through her hair while reading, or chewing at her lips and inner part of her cheeks when thinking. Obsessively checking on her son.

A lot of the time, she speaks with little emotion. The times when she shows the most emotion, is when she is asked about something in which she is very interested, or knowledgeable about. Or is talking to her child. 

Best Qualities:
Attentive to detail, observant of people’s moods and how they behave. Able to remember most things she sees or hears, even if she doesn’t necessarily want to. If and when she allows herself to be close to someone, she is usually fiercely loyal to them. 

Worst Qualities:
She can be hard to get to know, and hard to get along with if in a bad mood. Sometimes it is hard to tell if she is telling the truth and being sincere, or if she actually hates someone. Her habit of trying to get back at someone, who has hurt her or who she sees as having wronged her, has also gotten her into or caused her trouble on more than one occasion. 

Her morality is sometimes questionable. It depends highly on the given time and situation as to what she will do. 

Her main goal is to find a place where she can stay and not have to worry about anything; where she will remember/be reminded of her past. Or where she will have to fear her son being taken from her.


x Manipulation/creation of ice and snow/fire, though it can only be used so long as she cannot be around it long without feeling ill.

x Telepathy and memory projection.

x Superhuman durability.

x Creation of illusions.

x Shapeshifting.

x Materialization of objects.

x Others (related to magic) which she is working on still. 



Adopted parents: Odin (“father”), and Frigga (mother.)

Adopted siblings: Thor, Baldr, Víðarr and Váli (adopted brothers; Thor is alive, Baldr is dead..while the others are unknown.)

Children: Sleipnir (son), Hela (daughter), Fenrir (son), and Jörmungandr (son.) - Only Sleipnir is living, her other children are all dead in her dimension.

Friends: Needs to get some.

Enemies: Percieved to be mostly everyone but herself or her to year old son.

Short familiar background information- 

While she was born in Jotunheim, she was raised in Asgard. As her dimension is vastly different from all the others, she did not have the best of relationships with her adopted family. Her relationships with her brothers and her father were arguably the worst; she knew from the beginning that she was only there to serve a purpose at some point, and to be used for other things until she reached an age of which that purpose could be met. The one person in her dimension who treated her well, was her mother. Though she did little to stop the abusive behavior of the others, she did try to keep her from it by teaching her magic. When being taught by her mother, she was kept safe from harm - any harm attempted to be brought during lessons resulted in harsh punishment and in anger from Frigga, which no one wanted.

Over the years, her time learning with her mother became shorter and shorter. Eventually, she had to resort to teaching herself, and to trying whatever she could to survive. There was, at one point, a moment when she gained favor with one of her brothers; that moment passed and in the end meant little, because he was dead soon thereafter. 

{This is Sleipnir.}


Background story : Up until she escaped.

She was born in the coldest, darkest reaches of Jotunheim. Although born to the king, she was too small to be considered a viable heir. Even if she were to find someone who would marry her. Instead of keeping her in secret and raising her anyway, in hopes she may grow bigger; they had planned to kill her, to avoid the shame of having such a small child.Something, for which, her birth mother took her own life over. Had it not been for the war they were fighting with the Asgardians,her life would have been cut short at only a few days…by way of a rather cruel looking blade. After all..they could not take the chance that she would survive somehow and seek revenge upon them. That mistake had been made before in their past, so this was what they took to ensure it never happened again.

Before the blade could fall, the frozen realm was invaded by their enemies. For her, ‘saved by the bell’ became ‘saved by the enemy.’ An enemy not only to her birth father and his kingdom, but subsequently herself as well..

She was left out on a rock, when the fighting began. Through the whole thing, she was alone. The only reason she was even found, was in the aftermath - when the land was being looted for its riches. Such as it was, there were few things to be found. The most valuable, being the child left alone to die on a rock. Though she was taken not for the reason of sympathy, but for the reason of her possible usefulness later in life. After all, the throne of Jotunheim had to be sat upon by someone within its royal bloodline. That didn’t mean, however, that she couldn’t be married off to someone from Asgard, though. Giving them a double advantage - having raised her, she would owe them. And having married her off to someone - of Odin’s choosing - there would be no reason not to have the frozen wasteland and all its inhabitants in their pocket, right?

This may have been true, had she not began to piece things together for herself. No matter what she did, she was not seen as equal. Her skills in magic were called upon many times, though were never appreciated in the end once a task was completed.

As she got older, the many years of being treated differently had her believing that in some way; she was different. How she was being raised had little to do with love or affection, and had much to do with making her feel like she was simply something there for their amusement - until the time which she would be useful.

It took her a long time to figure out just what she was, and by that time, confronting Odin about it did little. She was told she should appreciate that she was alive, and that she had a home. That no matter how she was treated, he had saved her life and so therefore it no longer mattered; so long as she was living, she should be grateful. It was not until she grew old enough to truly resent Odin and his plans for her, that she began to rebel. She was testing things, in some instances. In others, she was blatantly defying everything Odin had in mind for her. Often, this led to troubles which she then had to get herself out of, and gained her more enemies than it did people who liked her.

Her most notable times of defying his wishes, came in the form of when she gave birth to two different children. One by a fleeting affection, the other by someone she had actually come to love. Both times, she thought she had gotten away with it. And both times, her children were taken and her lovers were slain. Her last child, she had by her first true love; the second to die because he had gotten her with child, and because she had been told she was to court no one. And to especially, give herself to no one. At the time, it made no sense to her. The loss of her two children sent her into a darkness, one which forgot to allow enough care in to even try preserving herself. Until she had youngest child; whom she kept in utter secrecy. No one knew of him, save for herself. It was for him, that the darkness began to break at her a reason to try.

During the first few years of her young son’s life, Loki continued to dwell on the loss of his siblings. Something for which, she never forgot..nor she ever forgave. Multiple plots and schemes entered her mind. Many ways of returning the pain he had inflicted upon her crossed her thoughts, and even more of them went array. It was not until her actions caused the death of one of her elder ‘brothers,’ and put the warrior woman Sif near death, in retaliation for her years of mistreatment; that her purpose was finally revealed to her. Odin had tired of her actions, and had decided it was time she knew for what true purpose he had brought her to Asgard. Something she had already been suspecting, though had not wanted to consider. The revelation of her true parentage came as little surprise. She had figured that out long ago, and had been trying to ‘fix’ her true appearance, so she would no longer have to hide it. Her hope had been that if she could change that part of herself - which she was sure others must have already known about, hence their treatment of her - then they would see her as equal, and begin to treat her better.

In the end, all her efforts backfired. She ended up changing her true form in ways she never wanted: ways which made her more noticable, not less. Out of her shame for it, she resigned to keeping it well hidden away - and to the fact that she would never be seen as anything more than a pawn to be used in Odin’s games.

His reasoning for taking her, proved it even further to her. No matter how she wanted to rebel, or how she wanted to object, there was a fate in mind for her that she could not escape.. Though she did delay, by causing the mysterious ‘disappearances’ of many of Odin’s choices. He wanted for her to wed someone of his choosing, and return to Jotunheim. To be queen as more of a ‘figurehead’ sense; to rule how he saw fit, and to do as she was told.

This was something that she wanted no part of. When causing the disappearances of Odin’s choices no longer worked, she began to study again. Something that many there thought impossible; something that she had but one, incomplete, and damaged old book as a source to learn from.

She was hurried, though. There was no other escape she could think of, and she was determined to leave before Odin would have his way.

In the nights before the wedding was set to happen, her plan was born. She would fake her own murder, and take her son with her when she left. How she would leave, was to be a portal to another dimension. One she’d learned to create, through reading the book she had found. It would not stay open long, and she was not sure where it would take her, but it was a risk she thought worth taking.

This is how she and her son, Sleipnir, ended up where they are now.

Background story : Life now.

It took a long time to adjust to where she ended up. Earth, in another dimension.

Life here has been different for her. The address of which she lives technically doesn’t exist, as it was created by her. Out of a desire to keep Sleipnir safe and from being found, she has changed how he looks to match that of a human child. She has also changed his name, at least while they are out. Unlike how she was raised, she has made sure to tell him as much as he can understand; she does not want to repeat how she was treated, and believes he should be aware of who and what he truly is.

As much as possible, she tries to let him live life as a normal child. For herself, she has attempted to live as she sees ‘normal’ human adults live. In memory of her lost children, she has a set of snakebite piercings engraved with their names; that also are a hint at some of the things she has been called before, and are sort of her way of finally accepting them.

One major difference between herself and ‘normal’ human adults, is that she avoids other people as much as possible. She prefers not to involve herself with anyone, so she does not have to socialize or interact with them. This being said, she has had no lovers of any sort since the death of Sleipnir’s father, and currently desires to maintain things that way.


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