New Beginnings

15 Years from today

New York City, New York

FBI Headquarters

6:47 PM


“And what do you propose I say to her, Creed? That centuries before me, her great grandmother predicted that one of us might be part of some prophecy to prevent an apocalypse?” Mai says with slight annoyance at what her long-time friend was suggesting.

“Your mother didn’t like the idea of sending you to war either,” Creed responds as he gazes out the window of Mai’s office.

“And I paid a price for that. I will not put my daughter through the same. Besides, Lilith’s prophecy was fulfilled. The war on humanity was stopped-

“We both know that wasn’t it. A world-ending event that was stopped by an angel who took no life.” Creed turns to face her.

The conversation would have continued, but it’s interrupted by Mai’s office doors opening without a knock. The balls this person must have to just open the door to the FBI Director’s office. Mai was about ready to jump out of her chair and kick this person out, but once she got a closer look, she stood out of respect.

“Madam Secretary, I wasn’t expecting you today,” Mai says as she crosses the room to greet her guest.

“Mai, Creed, it’s great to see you again. Now I don’t know about any world-ending events, but I have a few current ones CIA picked up on that I needed to confirm with you.” Naomi shakes both Mai’s and Creed’s hands before returning her hand into the pocket of her black slacks.

“Sure, what do you have for me? Do you need Creed to leave?”

“No, you trust him.” Naomi takes a quick look around the office. “I know you hated him, but it was nice that he had a bar in here.”

“I particularly hated the bar,” Mai responds and puts her hands behind her back.

Naomi shrugs. “Suit yourself. Anyways, down to business. First, the Greeks celebrating someone’s return. How do you feel about the God of War-

“Ares…” Mai says with a slightly worried expression.

“So you know him?”

She shakes her head. “N-No, not personally. Creed could fill you in, I wasn’t involved in that fight, he was.”

“Creed, what do you got for me?” She turns to him now.

“He was the first one targeted by Mai’s mother after Mai executed Athena. Renee was in a rage after Mai showed her everything that Athena did to her when she was captured for ninety days. So as soon as she stepped foot on the battlefield again she went after Ares and banished him to another realm… Then a few weeks later she died. No one was able to bring him back, not even Mai. He was lost.”

“So when he announced he would be getting his revenge, that’s probably directed at Mai?” Naomi asks.

“You’ve got to be kidding me…” Mai brings her hands to her face as she considers what kind of threat this could be. “Did the CIA give his location?”

“No, he arrived in Greece, but has since gone missing.”

“I should go get everyone together-

“Hold on Creed, that’s not all. Mai, do me a favor, summon your sword.”

“You said I was no longer allowed to.”

“I know what I said, and I know what I just said. Summon it.”

Mai gives a confused look to Naomi, but doesn’t question her any further. She reaches out her right hand with her palm facing down. Black markings in the Latin language begin to appear on the floor. A seal of sorts. To the trained eye, it could be seen as the markings to lock away something believed to be powerful and evil. To others, it was just black letters and shapes moving around on the floor. Soon a portal opened on the floor in front of Mai, one that spewed flames and old curses. A few moments pass and the portal closes while the black markings disappear. Mai’s expression of worry only grew as she realizes what just happened.

“Sorry… It seems I’ve lost it…” Her hand drops to her side as the situation worsens.

“I suspected as much. There’s been a rise in power levels in the old Warlord territory. We believe Abigale plans on paying you a visit in the coming years.” Naomi says as she brings out a smartphone and begins scrolling through contacts.

“I’ll get a team together to help me find her-

“You will remain here and continue your work as normal.” Naomi interrupts Mai.

“Naomi, with all due respect-

“Creed, with all due respect, shut up. You’re not even FBI anymore, I only needed you to confirm intel. If you want to keep your civilian status then you won’t be picking up a single weapon.” Her grey eyes were cold and threatening as she looked between Mai and Creed. “The same goes for the rest of your friends.”

“Wrath isn’t going to like this,” Creed says as he turns away from Naomi.

“Then it might be best he doesn’t know so he doesn’t jeopardize the well-being of his family.”

“Madame Secretary please consider the benefit of reactivating me and the others!” Mai is about to start a shouting fight with her boss.

“The benefit of me explaining to the president why I have a fucking death squad walking around hunting down a Greek god and the first daughter of Lilith?! It’s been fifteen years since all of you fought together!”

“We can handle it!”

“And what if you don’t?! Should I ask your wife to take your place?! Or your daughter?! What about you, Creed?! Can I ask Amanda to go die for her country?! Do you either of you assholes think that Wrath or Lynn can handle putting each other in the grave?! Or what if Lynn takes Abigale’s side? Maybe the power of a Knight and Lilith combined will be enough to level this planet? What then, Mai, do you think you could kill her? Tell me how many of you do you think will survive when shit hits the fan?”

Naomi’s gaze danced between the two as they now remain silent. “I’m trying to protect what you have, as well as the rest of this nation. Currently, they both have yet to step foot within my borders. This is CIA jurisdiction, and they are very capable of handling these situations. If they get here then I’ll slide the case to you Mai, but I got to tell you Congress won’t approve your activation. We love what you’ve done with the FBI, but you’re a non-combative now.” She looks between the two one more time to see if they had anything else to say. They keep quiet and she begins walking towards the door.

“I’ll keep you updated Mai, but anything from here on out is now classified. Creed, I know you’re best friends with her, but you have no authorization to even be in this building. Don’t let me see it again.”

Naomi closes the door behind her and leaves the two in the room alone. Mai goes to her chair and falls into her seat. She brings her hands to her head and begins rubbing her temples. There are two major threats out there, and she’s not allowed to engage in any form. She can’t even tell anyone else that might be affected.


“How soon can you begin?”

“… Tonight.”

“Mai, maybe-

“She’s right. What will happen when we start dying?

“We won’t.”

“My parents didn’t believe they could die either.”

“She needs to be stronger than me, Creed.”

“Stop it-

“I won’t bury her! I can’t… Please don’t make me.”


“You’ll need to be harder on her than you were with me.”

“I will be.”

“She isn’t like me so you’ll need to figure out a different training regimen for her.”

“I will.”

“A-And she hasn’t created her weapon yet, so you’ll need to trigger it, like you did with me.”

“Mai, it’s going to be okay.”

“I-I need to go home and see my wife.”

Mai stands and begins to gather her things. Her eyes are a little red, but it seems this wasn’t going to be a day that she cried. She was deathly afraid of what was to come, but she knew she had to be strong now. If not for herself, then for her family. Before leaving she goes to Creed and gives him a hug.

“Thank you, Creed. For everything.”

“Not a problem. Get home. I’ll be there in the morning to get Camille.”

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