.O r i g i n s.

The beginning is hazy, much like how one never remembers the beginning of a d r e a m. 


     Raiya’s earliest memory was when she was young and living with a small tribe of Dire Wolves. They had no names, or at least no particular names that Raiya can remember. She traveled with the wolves, hunted with them and rode on their backs when she grew tired. The elf and the pack of wolves never really stayed in one place for long – they were a nomadic group, and Raiya still holds the need to wander as an old habit.

     Despite her tribe’s nomadic habits, Raiya was not secluded from humans and humanoid creatures such as herself: Her first encounters with creatures that resembled herself were very awkward and hostile, but over time she gradually warmed up to distant kin until curiosity took hold.  

     When Raiya’s tribe would settle, she sought out camps, villages, and any other towns that lay in the perimeter. She socialized and learned from the people she encountered, each place providing a different skill:

     Some villages taught her different methods of fighting, others different languages, stories, and craftsmanship of weapons, medicines, clothing and shelters.

     She didn’t care if the people were humans, elves, warlocks or otherwise; she knew no harm would come to her. Those that tried were met with vicious combat skill, or most commonly, a guarding wolf’s fatal bite.


     There came a time where her tribe settled on the outskirts of the Iscariot wolf pack. The ambassador wolves were rough-looking, but friendly enough. There was plenty of resources, so the dire wolves decided to linger a while longer than usual. During this time, Raiya became close friends with several wolves of Iscariot: UshaFangShadowShikyo, and Obsidian were her closest friends at that time. Even though their relationship consisted of a few rough wrestles and brief conversations, Raiya also became quite fond of Iscariot’s leader, Nightfall.


     Raiya stayed around Iscariot’s territory long after the old Dire wolves of her tribe passed away or moved on.

It was an extraordinarily heavy-hearted phase for the elven, but she continued to thrive in the presence of her new companions.

     She began to wander further past the vast territory to explore  from time time. In the stranger lands, Raiya encountered other kin and beasts she had never seen before: Centaurs, immortals with animal features, demons and Dragons.

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