Purebloods: Speculation

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Nothing much is known about Neegan Harris. The man vanishes in and out of history, changing his name as he goes. The latest iteration, Neegan, has been his chosen label since the birth of his son, and he seems to have settled on it as a name of power. With the rise of more ancient purebloods making their names known, he's made it a point to cement his name with the alphas of his species. What little is known about him is mostly passed on from his son, James, and those he's marked. Unfortunately, Mr. King was unavailable for comment, and his former mate Alison [REDACTED] has been admitted to [REDACTED].

Purebloods: Vicious vampire like cannibalistic creatures with intense desires to feed. Also known as a subspecies, they are faster, stronger, and hungrier than the usual vampire. Too proud to turn humans, they are bred, however, their dwindling numbers makes mating and breeding harder. The most recent and documented Pureblood is a halfling and a documented member of the Harris Family (Courtesy of Gary Howell).

Harris claims he is well over four hundred years old, but his immortality and appearance in early paintings suggest otherwise. Could be a coincidence? 

The documented Purebloods are those who are open about what they are. Neegan seems unafraid of people discovering him and turning him into a monster while his son seems more interested in a normal life. This makes the father aggressive and overbearing on his child, security footage has been found of the two arguing, covered in blood. If these are their victims or the blood of a fight between the two, they have never been caught in the act.

There are rumors he was a scientist for Project Rising Spirit. There are no official documentations.

Affiliations with Grendel are also unconfirmed.


[REDACTED] Neegan Harris
400+ (estimated just over 900)
Egotistical. Bitter. 


Unknown number of women
Allison [Redacted]
Colin King

Do not approach.
Sightings are to be reported.

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