Recruitment Pt.2 (Ft. Noah Benett)

Hesse, Germany

City of Frankfurt

Two months after Mai's service files go public

10:03 AM


"Just yesterday Maigra Lainé was confirmed as the new F.B.I. Director while many in congress are still questioning her loyalty to the constitution. Secretary of Defense Naomi Viscusi had this to say in yesterday's press briefing."

"Listen, Mai is a good person at her core, and I should know. I'm the one the reviewed her background when she was being screened for the F.B.I."

"Are we expected to just accept the fact that she's responsible for wiping out an entire clan in Brazil under Maxson's orders? Where's their justice? The Minister of Brazil is demanding justice for the people she killed!"

"She did what she had to do to keep her life. If not for her sacrifice, Maxson would've killed her too and he'd still be F.B.I. Director. Everyone received their justice when Mai and her team executed Maxson."

"Her team-"


Ian taps on the tablet's screen to pause the video before placing it on the wooden dark brown dining table. His light blue eyes look around his elegantly furnished him and white walls while he mules over what he just saw.

"What do you think?" Noah Benett asks while reaching over the table to grab the tablet.

Ian looks back to his old friend while bringing a hand up to rub his cheek. "Disturbing, but that's US politics for you, isn't it?"

Noah smirks at the remark. "I can't say you're wrong, but that's not what I meant."

"They haven't asked you to kill her, have they?" His movement stiffens for a second.

"No... Not yet at least. Don't think I would if they asked."

"Good, she's a sweet girl, troubled, but sweet." He moves his hand to fiddle with his smooth white mug. "So why did you come here?"

"Well, after the world watched several gods, demigods, and demons get in a fistfight with Archangel Gabriel they are asking the big question again."

"Let me guess- What's keeping powerful beings from cracking this world in half?"

"Bingo. 'Lot of people are scared. They want to know that someone will be there to keep the world from being cracked in half."

"Yea, I've heard this one before." Ian rolls his eyes and picks up his mug. "So when do they start putting people in trains again?"

"It's not like that, mate."

"Easy for you to say, you didn't see Nazis until they came knocking on your door."

"But I was there to see them punished for their crimes."

"Mm, that you were... So!" Ian takes a sip from his mug. "What is the world's response to people like you and I, Noah?"

"International Strike Team. Signed into existence by the United Nations Security Council just about a month ago."

"Great, a private police group to force the world government's views on anyone who might disagree- don't tell me they tricked you into this death squad?" Ian's brow creases with worry.

"Ian, it's only a response team-"

"Damn it, Noah, you know it's not!" Ian sets down his mug.

"You don't think I have the mental capacity to see corruption after I've hunted it for centuries?"

"I won't join. That's why you're here, isn't it? I didn't hesitate to reject the Nazi's SS, and I won't hesitate on this."


Noah sighs and stands up from his seat, then crosses over to the large windows overlooking Ian's foresty backyard. "Do you remember the day The Great War* started?"

"Veallaph... I remember."

"Over seventeen-million people, gone-" Noah snaps his fingers. "Just like that... And we just fuckin' watched. We were this close to allowing the human race to go extinct, and most of us just cheered them on."

"We had nothing to do with that war-"

"We had everything to do with that war. People like us, Ian? We could've been the difference- we could've stopped it at seventeen-million if we had worked together. Instead, the son of Lilith created an army with weapons so advanced and a rage so deep the war didn't end until four-billion humans and non-humans lay dead." Noah turns around and walks back to the table. "I made a promise to myself after that war. As I live and breathe I will do everything in my power to keep anything like that from happening again. Whatever it takes."

"This isn't the answer."

Noah reaches into his pocket and pulls a black card, then sets it in front of Ian. "The purpose of the IST is to respond to any world-ending or high-death toll scenario. That's it. Think about it. We'd be lucky to have your skill-set."

Ian takes the card and looks at both sides. Blank. "What's this?"

"Your invitation to retirement. Thank you for the hospitality, Ian." Noah begins walking towards the door. "Take care."


"Damn it, I'm going to have a lot of questions, Noah!"


One month later...

Ian is wiping down a bar counter one slow evening when he hears a bell ring and sees the door opening. He smiles and sets his rag aside as his old friend comes to visit him once again. "Noah! You know phone calls are a thing, and probably much cheaper than a plane ticket."

Noah smiles as he walks over to the bar and greets Ian with a friendly hug. "And miss out on a chance to have a beer from my friend's new brewery? Well, I'd rather have no money. Show me what the Elves can do."

"Oh, it'll easily beat whatever you English-men brew over there!" Ian says as he grabs a cup and begins to fill it. "So any new members besides myself?"

"Not yet, but I got my eye on a few." He leans on the counter.



The End

* - The Great War is in reference to the war between humans and non-humans in which the Warlord Army was created.

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