Runaway Princess

Runaway Princess

Night had fallen, creating a sleepy blanket of darkness and chill air that allowed for secret events to easily take place. The only sounds triumphant through the night were the nocturnal animals and insects that prowled for food. During the creation of the Yang Palace the first king that was to live within the grandeur building wanted solitude and confinement. So the palace had been placed roughly twenty miles away from civilization, eliciting a hefty amount of forest and wood between it and any nearby towns that surely popped up over the centuries. This mean that nocturnal hunters such as coyotes and wolves lurked just outside the safety of the palace. Leaving anyone who dared an attempt to enter or leave it with an extra danger during nighttime.

Xiuying had been discreetly packing her things for the past hour now. Grabbing few clothes, a single cloak, and whatever jewlery she could fit into her large leather bag. Quiet with her movements and removal of personal items so that no maids nor guards heard a commotion from her room. There was no need for them to be sticking their noses into her plans, even if the thought had been exciting. Xiuying was soon pulled from her thoughts, though. Her unlocked window had been opened and let in a cold breeze of chilled night air, meaning that the quest she had been expecting was finally here.


"Nǐ quèdìng ma duì zhège? Rúguǒ wǒmen bèi zhuā zhùle zěnme bàn?" {Are you sure about this? What if we get caught?}

Xiuying questioned in a whisper, biting down onto her lip as she secured the contents in her bag. Hooking the ivory clasp to the fraying rope loop that would keep the bag's flap closed.


"Bié dānxīn wǒ de ài, jíshǐ wǒmen bèi, zhuā zhùle jì zhù wǒ shì bàn shén." {Don't worry, my love, even if we are caught remember I am a demi-god}

Māui assured his beloved once he had landed himself on the wooden floors of the familiar bedroom. Now that he had the time he couldn't help but take in the majesty of the ornate room he found himself in. It was dark yet inviting with it's main colors being black & french navy blue, while the accents consisted of dark greys & gold--although one could unmistakenly make out the duller shade of purple the carpetting was. The extravegant bed was the centerpiece of the room, it's sheets, pillows, and blankets crafted from the finest silks the king could afford. The same could be said for the lining of the chairs within the room against the east & west walls.


"Bié zài xīnshǎng wǒ de fángjiānle, ràng wǒmen líkāi zhèlǐ." {Stop admiring my room, let's get out of here}

Xiuying ushered, grabbing hold of Māui by the forearm as she lead him back towards the window.

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