Two Tablespoons Sugar.

The morning air caught the smell of something bitter-

The aroma of a sugar browning. The nutty scent of a dark brew;


Homemade coffee.


Brittle fingers wrap around a basic white mug halfheartedly.

With the joy of the morning nestled warmly in her palm, she tugged open a wood-stained drawer that had a black notch- which was decorated indulgently with elegant carvings she traced with her thumbs. She snatched a silver spoon from the inside, then nudged the drawer closed with her hip.

She savored the joy with a stick perched between her pouty lips and smoke in her lungs. The most wonderful way to start off a beautiful day-


Coffee with two tablespoons sugar, and a cigarette.


She pulled out a small sugar bowl, sweeping out just that, two tablespoons full, and dunked them into her brew. She then circled her spoon until the crystals had disintegrated into her coffee.

She tapped the side of the mug twice with the body of the silver, sliding it against the lip of her cup before setting it back on the counter. Her free hand raised to her cigarette, then clipped it between her fingers to exhaled a cloud of smoke, releasing it from the build up inside of her lungs.

She enjoyed the quiet moan of the coffee maker, the gulls calling outside her kitchen window, and the peace of the morning horizon. It lit up her kitchen like a fire, and the warmth of the sun kissed her freckles upon her face as she inhaled her smoke another. 

The day was hers,

the night would be intoxicating,


the morning would soon be missed.

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