"Save your ammunition."

Male | Age: 130 | Species: Human (frontal and temporal lobes intact), Bionic Automaton | Nationality: American
Height: 10'0"/3m | Weight: 457 lbs

Theoretical Physicist
Chairman of the UAC
Monarch Solutions Chief Chronon Research Officer

Unit Specifications:
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Speed
Plasmatronic Processing Core (a "biochemical brain" that has replaced his parietal and occipital lobes)
Birth and Death:
Born into a wealthy family with old money, Dr. Hayden completed a Masters in Theoretical Physics at Oxford University. His specialty fields were thermodynamics, nuclear sciences, and electromagnetic theory. His Samuel Hayden Foundation sponsored scientific talent in young minds and funded programs in schools and higher education campuses. Often described as having a daunting intellect, Hayden was scooped up by the UAC quickly. This corporation was looking to tap into renewable energy resources off-planet. Thus began his life on Mars.

Hayden was appointed General Director of the UAC's Global Science Council, although he quickly ascended to take total control of the UAC itself upon discovering the Argent Fracture on Mars. It is through his leadership the Argent Tower was begun, a structure able to tap into the raw energies of hell and extract it for use on Earth.

However, during this time, Dr. Hayden was diagnosed with a terminal, inoperable brain cancer which had already reached stage 4. While his rivals whispered about who would take his place, Samuel made other plans. With six months to live, he took to his office, and he drew up a radical solution to his mortality...via cybernetic transference and bionic automatons.


Upon death, Samuel's temporal and frontal lobes were left intact. The parietal and occipital were bypassed entirely, instead networked into a plasmatronic core of his new body, which serves as a type of biomechanical brain. He retains his memories, personality, comprehension, and reasoning. However, due to these changes, both his calculation and his perception are supercharged. Back, bigger, stronger, and more formidable than ever before, his massive frame inspires fear and admiration from those around him.

When his choice of such a massive frame was questioned, his response was simple:

"Dictating the future of mankind is dangerous work. You never know when we may need a hero."

In short? He wanted to be scary.

Due to both neural conditioning and stem cells, his brain is constantly rejuvenating, allowing him to have lived for 130 years at this point. It is presumed that his lifespan is to be indefinite.

His body has long since passed, but his soul will live on forever.

His work with Argent energy has destroyed the boundaries of humanity's understanding of physics, which led to him catching the eye of a certain corporation...

Monarch Solutions:

The jump from Argent energy to Chronon Fields seemed simple enough to the brilliant mind of Hayden. Whether it is the challenge that keeps him around, the chance to be on Earth again for some time, or some other sort of bargain or blackmail, Dr. Hayden has found a place within Monarch, and he intends to stay.

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