As a breath of fresh air swoops over Tessa like a blowing fan, she sighs. It was truly over, wasn't it? She feels as though her body has given up as the she dropped the sharp object. Her clothes stained in mistakes. A cat slowly makes it's way to her, a bit of stuffing falling out. "Tsk tsk." The cat said mockingly. "Look at the mess you made." She looked at the cat. No, she starred at it, her hate visible. "What the hell just happened?" She questioned the feline, who tilted it's stuffed head. "Well my dear Tessa, you just killed someone." It laughed to it's self. Tessa hated that stupid laugh. "Why?'' She looked as though something was coming up. "So I could eat." The cat purred happily. Tessa quickly ran a bit before collapsing. She let everything come out. Everything. As she coughed and gagged out last nights dinner, the cat rubbed its cotton like fur against the body. "Just a small price to pay for a friend." Tessa looked at her, a harsh look in her eyes. "Friend? Friend?!" She laughed at that. "You really think you are my friend?" The cat jumped on her. "Well, you just killed someone for me. You fed me their dead soul. I think you wouldn't do that for just anybody." The cat laughed again, it's sewn mouth dropping stuffing with each snort it gave off. "Now, be a good girl and clean up the body. We have more work to do." The cat hoped off her and started to walk away, its long tail swaying as it does. Tessa let out a small sob, putting her face in her hands. "Pull it together." She would say to herself before standing up and taking care of the body.

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This was just a short story from the top of my head. Enjoy~

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