Sit the Fuck Down {Collaboration}

Four editors. Fourteen beloved characters. One labor of love.

We are proud to present to you our first-ever RP characters collab. We've worked for about two months to bring this to life. Enjoy!

Song: STFD by TezaTalks


1| Hope.- Carmilla Karnstein
2| Sarge- Paul Serene
3| AceDhampir- Adam Jensen
4| xxStillexx- Olivia Foster
5| Hope.- Kara Danvers/Supergirl
6| AceDhampir- Fiction/Shaw Durand
7| Hope.- Isa Vidal
8| xxStillexx- Ben Roth
9| Sarge- Lenny Belardo
10| AceDhampir- James Harris
11| xxStillexx- Nex Jones
12| Sarge- Tommy J. Carcetti
13|AceDhampir- Jim Corrigan/The Spectre
14| Sarge- Richard Swift/The Shade

Fan Art:
Part 13-

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Paul runs on anger and chocolate. James runs on minimal sleep.

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