Sleep Therapy pt.I

Sleep Therapy pt.I

Hours. Minutes. Seconds. Milliseconds. How long do you think it's been, Jane?

A lifesaving gasp of air rushed to her lungs as my talons released the grip on her throat. Hm? 

She sat limp in her old wooden chair, toes digging into the floor tensely. She said nothing, just sucking up as much air as she could. Hiccuping, rasping, gulping.


oh, such a pretty little thing. 

I let her take one final breath before I closed her airway once more. Let's see how long you can hold your breath now after our little break. She clawed at my arm. I watched her struggle, wiggle uncomfortably. It fueled my energy. 

Her fear was real. This one was a screamer.

I clenched harder, watching her face turn purple, her cheeks puffed, and her sclera's turned red. Her clawing weakened. Suddenly, I heard my alarm in the distance. 

Oh, shame to end the fun so soon. I lean towards her limp face and whisper

wake up.

and I'm gone. 


I yawn, groggy hazel eyes open, looking up at my hotel ceiling. The eggshell paint with mildew stains in the corners, the cheap wallpaper peeling at the seems. I glance over at my blaring alarm and shut it off.

Seconds later, from the other room, screaming could be heard. I grinned. Another day, another dollar. I feel like a million bucks. That one was a keeper for the books.

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