Heya folks!

Are you ready to get toony in this toontastic adventure?

The Cogs have invaded Toontown once again

and it's up to the wacky Toons of Toontown to take down those dreary Cog Headquarters!


But watch out!

This time the Cogs have invested in a new device...

The Cog Bioweapon

which was designed to permanently erase laughter from the world!



   Toontown was once a whimsically wacky town of laughter until the Town Hall fell under the control of the Cogs. In their monotonous suits, the Cogs have replaced nearly every colorful and silly building with dull corporate headquarters. With each passing hour, the Cogs drain the happiness and joy from the Toons, leaving them feeling gloomy and disheartened.


   But amidst this chaos, a few wacky Toons remain unaffected by the effects of the Cog Bioweapon--a colossal satellite dish on top of Town Hall. These wacky Toons realize the urgent need to restore Toontown's vibrant and joyful spirit. 



   And so, with much absurd and radical antics, our characters must maximize their tooniness to reclaim Toontown with hilariously invasive gags. Will the Cogs be driven out? Will the Cog Bioweapon be destroyed? Or will the last Toon fall victim to the agents of Capitalism??? Count your jellybeans, gather your gags, and smile on in this wacky adventure!

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