Tales of a bygone age

Entry Log

Year: ????


I was tasked to guide my brothers into this land, this new 'paradise' as some proclaimed but I dare hold my breath. This land could not compare to our Golden City, but because our Father made it I will give this Land and its inhabitants a chance.  My brother spoke to me in confidence, he said he truly believed that these creations- these "Man" deserve to be loved and cared for. I had never heard him fend for someone else before,  for some reason I feel rather glad that he is finally opening up after what happened.  It was good to hear his voice once more for so long.


After the war in Heaven I thought he would have never been the same again. For once I am glad that I was proven wrong. So much blood has been spilt between me and my kin, so thick that I could still see the stains on wings. The screams always haunts me when ever I take my vows. Perhaps this new land can help me after all.

A new change of scenary, it will be an honor to serve Father as a Leader to guide man into his embrace.  With my brother at my side I am sure that we can manage anything while our home heals. I just hope my brother is right and Men are truly worthy of our love.



Log 2-


So far we have watched the affairs of Man with great interest, the way they interact with eachother is quite peculiar.  They walk on- what do they call them-- feet, they have no wings and have two eyes. My brother says they are perfect but I am quite skeptical. But I cannot deny that their image is perfected by Father so I will remain silent.  At times I wonder if they are aware that we exist, watching over them from afar.

I have noticed that some have gained an interest in Mans other sex for some reason. When I gaze upon them I see loyal followers to our Father. I will make sure that my kin will remain focused on the duty at hand. We cannot have any type of flaw in our ranks, we are here to oversee Man and that is all. If there is one thing that I'll admit, it will be that they are very creative.

They sacrifice their cattle in order to survive, I assumed that Father would punish them for killing one of his creations. But he allowed it, and accepted the sacrifice. Such an act has made me wonder what is our Fathers true motive for the creation of Man. I'll have to meditate on this question, for I am the leader and must guide my kin.


Log 3-


I had spoken to Raphael about our Fathers actions, he saw the same way I did and we came to a conclusion; Man are made in Fathers image, but they are not  Father; they are mortal and can leave this world if Death wills it.  They can starve, they can wither if not given the right resources. For once in my stay in this world I had felt pity for Mankind.  To be part of this world, only to leave it...I wonder how Lucifer is doing down in his domain.  Although we were enemies we are still kin to this day.


Log 4- 


I couldn't add much to the last log due to my brother catching me write during our meeting with Gabriel. He noticed me write about Lucifer and soon scolded me between whispers. We all agreed to never talk about him for that would be a great offense to Father.  But since I am writing it down here and now I suppose it should be alright. Besides I am sure that no one would read these logs sinces its mostly about reports and leisures.

Which reminds me, I haven't received a report from Turiel as of late. I will have to check up on him later on.  He is always a tough rock to crack when ever it comes to whatever is in his thoughts. But he always means well, so I shall give him a miner lecture at least. I shall end it here otherwise my brother would catch me once more, I never realized that he could be so nosey.


Log 5-


How could this have happen, Turiel revealed himself to one of the females he was charged to observe.  He said that he felt compelled to show himself which led to him showing his angelic form. She soon became mad, her eyes fades out couldn't think for herself.  Never have I seen such a horrid display, this was so unpresidented that I nearly lost myself into a stupor. I punished him for his actions, I lashed at him, made sure that he remembers the actions he made; only I for it was my burden alone to punish my kin that fall out of line. 

As for the female I could not bare to let her suffering continue. I ended it with a quick swing of my blade, it was painless; it was the least I could do...It was the only thing I could do.


Log 6-


After the incident I kept to myself, watching my kin from the shadows to make sure that they do not fall out of line like Turiel did. I do not want history repeating itself, that is something I will not allow. Though it pains me, I punished each one that tried to act out of line. Father, what has become of my kin to act so irrationally? For a moment I thought this was Lucifers doing but then I realized now that Lucifer responsible for our kins actions but perhaps Man itself.

The way they openly speak to one another, how they have Fathers love and blindly turn away from it without realizing it. How they are so independent and reliable to one another. It reminds them of the Golden City, and how we communicate with our kin. We have been away from our city for so long that we almost forgotten our heritage. I'm a fool for not realizing this sooner, and because of this my kin are suffering.


Log 7-


My kin sought an audience with me, they were tired of watching in the shadows. They were tired following the demands of our Father. Most of all, they wanted to interact with Man and be part of their lives. I have tried countless times to cease this madness only to have them cry out louder for me to reconcider. Even my own brother agreed with them; I was alone, my words became useless. So I had no choice, I have led my kin to this path, so I shall join them in this path.

I could feel my body being plagued with sin, thoughts of corruption poor into my mind with every single step I took. It was then I realized the beauty of a female, the temptation. Was this the reason why Turiel done something so risky? In the end, nothing would ever be the same.


Log 8-


My brother decided to show his affection toward Mankind in his own way. He taught them many things, forbidden knowledge that even I would not reveal. We had done so many acts that it could not be counted. It was only a matter of time before Father learns about our sins.  But it doesn't matter, for he cannot stop us. We are part of this world now, this is our home now.


Log 9- 


This is our world, our work, our family- I will not part with them, not a single one. When I became the Leader I was destined to bring greatness. I shall bring mankind into our embrace and cherish them for all eternity.  I will let them serve me as their Leader- No, as their God! All shall serve me and no one else! May our kin try and defeat us, we will be ready for them.


Log 10-


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