The Bloodline of Karnstein

[A brief summary blog of family.]

The Heart

Laura Hollis-Karsntein | Wife

Certainly not love at first sight, Carmilla and Laura took awhile to get to where they are now.
They married a few years after college.

To those who knew Carmilla they know how strongly and surely she loves her wife, how much she's fought to keep her, and how many times she's certainly died for her wife. While Laura grows older and Carmilla's life is immortal, she cherishes every day she can get with her family. Every day Laura spends with her, loving her, or hating her, but still with her.

The best way to get Carm to open up, usually, is to make a good impression on her wife.

The Offspring and Soul

Sonne Rose Hollis-Karstein | Sun | Daughter

Certainly a true surprise for the married couple, Sonne quite literally fell into their laps.

A "rebirth" of a goddess and Carmilla's sire, Lilita or rather- Inanna, Sonne was created to the likeness of both of her mothers. Her power remains untapped and gives them a little bit of a startle every day but Carmilla takes it all in stride. As Laura became a famous reporter, Carmilla took the duty of being a stay at home mother as she worked on her degree, and as such, she grew up more around Carm and the wonders of an unashamedly supernatural mother. Though she was never loved less by either mother.

Sonne grew to lean more towards Laura's personality. She certainly has the sarcastic and self-preserving streak of Carm, but most times she's kind and caring, bright, brave, helpful like Laura. (If you ask Carm, that means she's considerably reckless.)

Thread Status: Will mostly appear as a young child/baby, though I have no qualms starting threads with her to anyone interested.

The Rook

Matska Belmonde | Sister

Mattie, is Carmilla's closest and oldest friend. Despite the times in which they clashed they've only ever grown closer. 

The only thing that now keeps them apart is death, and Mattie's role as a messenger of Death. Not a reaper.

Mattie still takes the opportunity to check in on her sister, sister-in-law, and niece as often as she can. She's become something as a hit with Sonne.




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