The Escape To A New Life!

The scream and echos  of dying still be could be heard, as I ran for my freedom and life.  My friend, my Keeper, and redeemer  was dead, leaving me to either submit to the new Queen and King of the Hel Pride or run for my life. I ran. Ran towards the village, towards the humans. When I  reached the village, new smells and sounds engulfed me.  I nearly turned back,, but fear made me stay.  I hid near a bridge and soon feel asleep.  What awaited me in the morning I didn't know. 

When I woke, I could hear voices, loud music from passing cars and a ton of car engines as they crossed the bridge above me. I climbed out of the hole I was in and made my way to the village to find something to eat, even if it meant stealing. I walked towards a stand with bread on it and took a sniff, wrinkling my nose at it's unusual  smell. I took a small one, placing it in a pocket, as I moved to another stand with fruits of all kinds. I browsed and took an apple, placing it in the other pocket ccx and then went to find a place to eat it.  

I looked around and found a nice field to eat my food. I found a rock and began to eat. I kept my eyes and ears open, just in case I had to flee. Nothing happened so I continued my day of looking around the village and stealing things. This was the escape to a new life, a life of stealing and looking behind my back at every corner, sound and movement. I wanted more though. I wanted security and a place to call my own and people to call friends and family. But for now I must just simply survive.  That night I slept in a barn, on top of hay. 

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