An year had gone by since The Arctic Storm had been created, her training had almost seemed rushed as she surpassed everything thrown at her, from weapons training - explosives - and hand-to-hand combat training, and several other things Hydra deemed necessary for their Secret Weapon. And then finally the date was set, the match fight between The Winter Soldier and The Arctic Storm, Father and Daughter. The Arctic Storm would have to firmly earn her place, having to overpower The Winter Soldier just as those had done previously in the Winter Solider Program. All of their hopes were pinned on The Arctic Storm, their jewel and prize. Hoping that with an clone they would succeed where they had failed before.


Two days before the set fight The Arctic Storm was sat alone wondering about her Father, it had been an few days since she had seen him,  though she barely had time to think she wondered briefly if he was all right, well during her points of clarity. Which were few and far in between. With all the success in creating her they didn't want any fiascos on their watch and have to destroy her, so they kept her under pretty much 24/7 either on ice or having agonizing brainwash sessions. She hadn't been in cryostasis chamber for an good 12 hours and she was able to tell something big was going to happen soon, a lot more officials were hanging around the Base and the guards around her had most likely quadrupled and there were even new tech's close by her. After an intensive training time she was sitting drinking an bottle of water as medics work on the few unlucky enough to be voted her targets, officials standing by with clipboards obviously rating her training and fight, all of them were just about smirking and talking excitedly to one another. 

From across the room she clearly heard two words, It's time. Curious as to what that meant she stood quickly in an hurry when her main handler entered the room, looking emotionlessly past him she listens. She was to have an fight? Knowing there was no sense to question or protest, not that she would she followed along behind him, her heavy combat boots making almost no sound as she walked, being led to an room out of the way, glancing to the tech with an cold glare the poor man was sure as hell lucky dying from an look was impossible, especially as he placed restraints on her wrists. Obeying she enters in through the heavy door and pauses as she enters, seeing her Father across from her and they were in an specialized room surrounded by chain fence, probably so that neither could escape and also to probably hold the combatants inside so they can't break out. Hydra had definitely learned from their prior mistakes regarding the now defunct Winter Soldier Program, which more or less contributed to her own creation. 

Glancing to her Father she remains still, before her eyes sort of go unfocused and she seems to stare at him but without really seeing him, turning her head she sees some high officials and her handler standing on the other side of the strong fence, as the one man start to speak. All of an sudden it became clear what was to happen. Why she hadn't seen her Father in an few days, and all of the intense training sessions in the past few days. She was supposed to fight her Father, and if she managed to overpower him she would solidify her spot and also right to live. An tech came up to her, clearly shaking in fear as he fumbled at first in removing the restraints from her wrists, and running as fast as his legs could carry he had left the cage like room to the relative safety outside, leaving just her and her Father within the room. Her vision came back on focus like lasers as she eased her standing position in preparation, completely emotionless and ready for the fight to begin. If she had had an moment of clarity then she would be protested, or felt a little more.. Deep down though she knew she didn't want to hurt him, not after he had named her and tried his best to explain of what life could be outside. But she couldn't hold back. He couldn't either. Thats why so many new officials were on base. It was the so called fight of the century, two champions facing off one another. The Winter Soldier and The Arctic Storm....


Barely two minutes had gone by and suddenly The Winter Soldier had made the first move, rushing toward her and threw an menacing punch, having read his intentions and her instincts shout in alarm at his sudden attack she merely side stepped and savagely followed up with jamming her knee into his solar plexus, moving on from that she used her smaller size to her advantage and rolled over his back as she landed she wrapped her foot around his and yanked to pull his leg out from under him, growling as he manages to catch himself she goes flying suddenly as he uses his bionic arm and attacks her. Hitting against fence she lands balanced on the ground and immediately rolls to her side, just barely avoiding the thrown punch, kicking up at the same time she flips back to her feet and charges at him, grappling in close intense combat she grips his bionic arm and twists it savagely around his back, grunting she withstands an hard kick and continues to hold on, until an elbow slams back hard into her face, the impact tore her off and she went sprawling back, blood immediately starting to gush from her broken nose. 

However she was far from finished and she made it back to her feet, the two combatants merely circled each other, besides her broken nose and some scratches on him neither was rough for wear, barely sweating or showing any sign of exertion. Narrowing her eyes she lifted both hands to grasp her nose and set it herself, only an painful groan leaving her past clenched teeth as she did so, wiping her bloody hands on her pants she suddenly charges toward him, going low to kick low at his ankle, wrapping her leg around his she twists as she brings him to the ground, rolling to avoid being fallen on she jams the heal of her heavy combat boot into his knee, flipping to her feet once again she stands back, watching him as he climbs onto his feet and glares at her with narrowed empty eyes. When he charges toward her, still favoring his knee she steps back then throws herself in an forward flip, landing she grabs his bionic arm and twists it around his back once again, kicking at his bad knee to bring him down and she has him pinned, her body twisted around his, her one hand holding his bionic arm and her other had his other arm.. The fight was over, The Arctic Storm had won..


Suddenly an ringing noise sounded throughout the entire room, as cheers erupted from the many Hydra officials present, and then suddenly all cheers fell silent as two tech's entered into the cage. She had won the fight.but would she riot like the previous ones would? Time would tell. And it would be told in seconds.. 

Receiving orders in Russian to let him go The Arctic Storm quickly complies and steps back, sneaking an quick look down to her Father she quickly looks away and stares emotionlessly ahead, turning her head slightly when an tech practically shakes as he comes toward her, restraints held in his hand. The moment of truth. As one all of the officials held their breath and watched The Arctic Storm's every single movement, monitoring her breathing and basically wondering what she was going to do. Vasily Karpov quickly moved from where he was to stand near The Winter Soldier, not to help him up but to hide, hiding his fear of The Arctic Storm going ballistic like the other assassins had done so after winning in the fight, intent on using The Winter Soldier to protect him once again and leave the premises.


And then.. Suddenly it happened, an click sounded as the restraints were placed firmly on The Arctic Storm's wrists, and besides an deathly glare sent to the techs she did absolutely nothing, and then resumed her empty stare to straight ahead of herself. Moving when she was led she was led to an empty room and medics swarmed around her to fix her nose, or what wasn't already healed and cleaned her up, an change of clothing and she was left alone for hours. Taking an seat she remained seated hardly moving or anything, just glaring straight ahead. Ignoring cheers from the outside as Karpov kept everyone distracted from his moment of cowardice, but luckily no one had noticed besides The Winter Soldier and The Arctic Storm, and he knew neither of them would have fully noticed and he knew that they wouldn't say anything. They had succeeded! The Arctic Storm had won in the fight and she had also been restrained successfully and with no bloodshed or any rioting.


Several more hours had gone by when the door opened to the side, not looking over until she heard the door shut again, but still felt an presence, finally looking over she gasped upon seeing her Father. Rising swiftly she moves from her chair to go over to him but immediately pauses, her eyes scanning his expression and also his eyes, seeing that he was also having an rare moment of clarity she then steps closer but stops abruptly as she looks away ashamed. She had hurt him. Yeah she hadn't a choice but she had hurt him. Turning her head she watches him then as he is the one now to move closer to her, picking up an slight limp from his busted knee, that was still healing, which made her guilt rise up even more to choke her. Blinking abruptly to stave off tears she doesn't resist as he pulls her into his arms, hugging him back she buries her face in against his chest, closing her eyes and ignoring the slight sting of her broken nose. "I'm so sorry Dad.. I'm so sorry..."

Murmuring as her voice was muffled with her face hidden against his chest she calms as he rubs her back and presses an kiss to the top of her head, not resisting as he gently pulls her back slightly from his embrace just so he could look into her eyes and she could look into his. "It's okay Nikki, it is.. Neither of us had a choice, but it's over now. You did good, I'm proud of you sweetheart." 

Whispering to her he used his flesh hand to wipe her tears from her cheeks before drawing her back to him again, where she went willingly and was also calmer. Hearing him, being held close to him and also hearing that familiar nickname that he always called her, all served to calm her down. Taking an calming breath she nods her head and closes her eyes. "I love you Dad."


"I love you too Nikki" He replies in return as he rocks her gently in his arms, before pulling back  to tilt her face up toward him with his bionic arm, his eyes narrowed as he can still tell by the bruising on her face from the broken nose she had sustained, shaking his head he sighs. "I'm sorry Nikki, I didn't try to hit that hard."



Shaking her head she just about interrupted him as he finished speaking, looking up to him fiercely Nikki frowns. "No! No Dad, it's ok, it really is.. Neither of us could've held back. I'm okay, thats the important thing, and so are you.."

Hugging him once again the Father and Daughter remain silent for several moments, no more words needed, until they finally step away, footsteps being heard outside the door. With one last hidden look to her Father she is led out of the room to be placed back on ice. An first mission was already being planned for The Arctic Storm..

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