The Lady

Name: Zed Zanetti
Alias: The Lady Ximena

Race: Ghost Witch
Age: Reincarnated soul who's age is over nine thousand. [and counting]
Her own age before death, 16 the first time, 18 the second time.
Sexual Orientation: She a ghost, not having a body makes things a challenge, but then that what possession is for. She puts a whole new meaning to the expression. " In your Dreams."

Marital Status: Does that even count for Ghost? The whole "Till death do us part" thing kinda already happen and makes it redundant.
She is a free spirit (Literally)
Likes: Watching things burn, cats, bats, white rats,black rats, snakes,wolves,crows, ravens. Various other animals and critters. Death Metal, Industrial, Aggrotech, EBM, Dark techno, any music sounds painful and suffering and loud. Horror movies with lots of blood and gore. Screams. Black Magic. Being Bad. Toying with the Living and tormenting.

Dislikes: Do gooders, Snitches, Ghost hunters most of all. Certain pyschics, witches belonging to her old coven that used her. The Sun. Country Music.

1st life

Bio: A coven of dark priests were working in secret with a group of witches practicing the darkest of black magics. For centuries her coven have been trying to find a better way of dealing with vampires and werewolves and other evil supernatural creatures. A witch had great power but the mortal body was frail. They wanted to create an immortal witch that could fight the supernatural on their own terms and win. They came up with the idea of an immortal witch spirit that could transcend death and fight the vampires and the evil beings without the worry of death.

So they began ritual sacrifices and torment of their own kin to create the anger and violent deaths needed to fuel the power that would aid in their goals. By calling on the witches they violently murder to use their power and anguish to be channeled into a weapon. They hoped to make a witch powerful enough to take on the supernatural all by itself. The plan was working rather well ,calling on the spirit of dead witches inside the body of the living to channel great power. The years paid off and they came across a child who was reincarnation of one witch who had the fractured souls of many before her housed inside her own psyche.

They plan to mold the girl into a powerful witch and set her up to die so she could become a powerful ghost and deal with the evil supernatural beings with full fury and vengeance. One dark priest began to realize that the soul inside of the girl they come to call , The Lady or The Lady Ximena, was malevolent and would end up killing not only vampires and the rest but her own coven as well as attack innocent humans. So the plan was to try to bind her powers and let her die normally so she would not come back for revenge.

Things did not go as plan, the original plan to have her suffer anguish and misery did work however as vampires came to attack that very night and massacre her parents. Letting her watch their agony as she learned what her coven had done through the spirit that awaken within her very own soul. She was brutally murdered that same night by the one dark priest who decided she was too dangerous but the final death blow came from the vampire who killed her parents.

Everything was set now as the plan was complete. The suffering of the past witches and her own ,sparked her spirit to remain anchored to the realm of the living. She became what her coven had wanted. A powerful Ghost Witch, fueled by bitterness, anger, and the suffering of countless souls. She was known to be a little pyro as she grew up and once she died, a great fire razed her village to the ground. Leaving nothing but ash behind.

The Ghost Witch  would reincarnate herself in a new body to begin what would be her first stage of life as the death of the child was merely the birthing process to create her. She would serve her coven well. Dealing with vampires and other threats to them. Though at some point in time, she grew to powerful for the coven to control. So they used their collective powers to bind her and burn her at the stake. She cursed her coven for what they did to her and vow to get her revenge on them all. Thus her first life had ended and the second one would begin.

That was her first life before she became reborn. She had a second life before it tragically ended.

2nd life

To make sure she could never be a threat to them again. The coven made sure to kill any child who would be the reincarnation of Ximena. This lead to an innocent sixteen year old girl getting brutally killed for no reason, well no reason in her eyes.  She had to suffer as her parents watched their little girl get raped and tortured in front of them. Then she had to watch as her parents were gutted in front of her and set on fire.

She was left terribly wounded and unable to save herself as the fire spread to her and burned her alive. Her house and everything in it went up in flames. All of her memories would be gone when she became a ghost. Unable to recall what happened to her. 

She does not remember much of her past. The trauma of witnessing her parents murder right before her eyes, being raped and left for dead inside the burning house she once lived it, caused her to block much of her past memories. Fragments come and go but she is unsure if she even wants to remember. Her anguish over what happen and being denied a full life, not able to pursue her dreams cause her spirit to be trapped within the mortal coil. Unable to move on to the afterlife as well as not wishing too, she tries to cope with her existence as a ghost. There is so much to learn about her condition and many things she still wanted to see and do. Many places she wish to travel to. She is trying to learn more about what she can be able to do and see if she can try to achieve something in her unlife.
Once a lively girl now a bleak spirit she roams around the remains of her home and ventures out into the world to find other ghosts like herself or anyone who can see and talk to her. She hopes to one day become strong enough to talk to people normally as she heard rumors of ghosts who appeared to friends and loved ones and spoke to them. Adjusting the best she could to her predicament, she is slowly learning of how to develop her abilities and watch people go about their daily lives while looking for a purpose, a sense of belonging.

A fateful day would occur when she met a medium who was partners with a necromancer.  Together they helped her recover the memories of her death and her family and then the past memories of her past lives.   

She then remembered who she truly was and the vow she made.  She would have her two allies, as she called them, help her to be reborn as she alter learned her second death was no tragic mistake of misfortune but premeditated. Her coven was trying to make sure she could never be reborn again to take her vengeance on them and get the revenge she has been denied.  Her friends helped her spirit, her essence, enter the body of a pregnant woman, who was a psychic, enter her unborn child and be reborn once more. 

Third life::

They say third times the charm and she was hoping this would become true for her.  Otherwise it’s three strokes and she’s out. 

Her friends helped protect her until she became of age to remember who she was and gain her powers. Her friends made sure she had a happy, normal childhood that was denied to her and they blocked her memories at her request. Once she became an adult and had the memory block removed, she gained her full powers and was now ready to get her revenge on her coven who only seemed to have grown in time while  remnants of the original members of the coven had become shadows of their former selves. Using magic rituals to stop Father Time at the cost of everything else.  Now was her time to get revenge, do the job she was created to do, and finally, live her life. 

She is known to be a Spectre of Vengeance, in a sense. She helped spread rumors around the supernatural community. If a woman should ever be a victim of abuse or sexual assault at the hands of men. A special ritual can be conducted and a chant that will call her forth to bring Vengeance upon the Transgressors. Burn victims or those who lost loveones to being burned alive by another. She will deliver the same punishment to the guilty. She is something of a protector of women and children. Looking to avenge any woman who suffered at the hands of men or even other women. In terms of being used someone's selfish gains and discarded like yesterday's trash. As a orphan, rape victim, burn victim, and a victim of abuse, a victim of being used by others, such as a coven, then discarded as something that was expendable/disposable- because of what she herself has suffered. She has made it her mission to protect those women who suffered as she has and to get revenge for them when they, themselves, can not. She also looks after wayward orphans, mainly girls, to make sure they do not suffer any mistreatment in the Foster system. While she is evil, cruel, malicious, and highly vindicative, she has a kindness to her that is reflected in the victims she watches over. If she can stop another little girl from suffering as she has, she considered it a good deed.



Possession: The ability to take full control over the body of another person by speaking through them, and influencing their actions.

Telekinesis: The ability to move objects with the mind.

Teleportation: The ability to disappear and reappear in different locations.

Elemental Control: Ghost are able to manipulate the elements (Air, Earth, Fire, and Water). They can also control electricity.

Dream Manipulation: Similar to compulsion, ghost are able to manipulate the dreams of the living, causing them to hear and see things that they want them to hear and see.

Witchcraft Abilities: If a witch’s spirit does not pass on to the next life, they will become a ghost, however they'll still possess their witchcraft powers.


Rashiki Urn: A ghosts essence can be trapped in a Rashiki Urn. They are a lost artifact, but some remain. It is not the urn that makes the material special, it's the special remains from a vervain plant. It's called limpwurt root, that sits in the urn. If any container is made from this root? It can essentially capture up to 10 ghosts. Just don't break it! Or you'll have pissed off spirits on your hands.



ESP : Is the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known human senses.

Pyrokinesis : Self Explanatory.

Hydrokinesis : Self Explanatory.

Spell Casting : Ability to cast spells.

Telekinesis : Self Explanatory.

Slow Aging : The use of supernatural forces causes the user to age slower than a normal human.


Nose Bleeds: Witches who uses their powers frequently are shown to have nosebleeds, because after all? Their bodies are only human. Further misuse of their power leads to the weakness below.

Death : If a witch goes out of control with power, or continues to use it to ignore the bleeds? He/She drains their mana, and eventually dies because of it.

Fear: If a witch is scared of something, it'll effect their abilities if they come across their fear.


Séance: A way of communication to the spiritual world.

Pentagram Spell: Incendia. A spell that sends a burst of mana out from the hand. Tires out the user, it's the witches main offense.

Fire Spell: Ex Spiritum Intaculum, In Terrum Incendium, Fes Matos Sal Vis Adisdum. A spell that is able to decrease and increase the intensity of fire.

Linking Spell: A spell that links two or more people together, so that they will physically feel any pain felt by a specific person.

Isolation Spell: Similar to the tomb spell, this enchantment prevents a specific person from exiting outside of a room.

Reduction of Pain Spell: Asinta Mulaf Hinto. A spell that reduces pain.

Locator Spell: Fes Matos Tribum, Nas Ex Veras. A spell that is able to locate a specific person with the usage of candles, a map, and blood of a relative.

Message Spell: A spell that is able to send a message to a specific person with the usage of a candle and the note that is being sent.

Instability Spell: Terra Mora Vantis, Quo Incandis! A spell that is able to incapacitate a specific person by burning a material object that belongs to them. Once the object has burned to ash, when the ash touches the persons skin, it will incapacitate them for a period of time.

Disempowerment Spell: Fes Matos Tribum, Exum Sue, Redem Supas Quo. A spell that is able to strip a witch of their powers. If a witch’s powers are taken away, only the witch that took them can give them back.

Astral Projection Spell: Fes Matos Tribum, Nas Ex Veras, Estas Sue Sastanance, Trasum Viso. Mastenas Quisa, Nas Metam. A spell that is able to project the spiritual body of a witch to another area in the world.

Possession Spell: Somno Ritum Per Dax Ritum. A spell that allows the spirit of another person to possess the body of someone else. By injecting the blood of a person inside of someone else, they will be able to take full control over his/her body.

Possession Counter Spell: Fes Matos Tribum, Nas Ex Veras, Uenes Fes Matos Et Sonos. Ex Totum Exum Maleo Matos. A reversal spell of the possession spell.

Energy Spell: A spell that is able to summon the power of dead witches, and also to invoke the power inside them.

Resurrection Spell: Vitas Fasmatis, Ex Saleto, Revertas Fasmatis. Ut Vectas, Vitas Fasmatos, Ex Saleto. A spell that able to resurrect the dead, by reversing the damage and/or injuries caused to that person.

Ring of Fire Spell: A spell that is able to create a circle of fire, that prevents the person inside from leaving.

Transformation Spell: A spell that is able to decrease the speed of a werewolf's transformation, making it so that the werewolf's insides are trying to tear themselves apart.

Sacrifice Ritual Spell: Fes Matos Tribum, Salve Sorce Das. Fes Matos Eliximo Nominum, Etrinox Sorce Sotero Callux Oxtara.

Binding Spell: Fes Matos Tribum, Nalvas Raddiam, Onu Pavadus Ponemus. A spell that is able to bind the life-force of one person to someone else. However, the person from who the life-force was besepelled will die.

Spirit Possession Spell: Fes Matos Vanex Ondiemox, Fero Adio. A spell which allows the witch to be temporarily possessed by the spirit of another human being.

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