The Lovers of Death

Although not very well known, Anubis did have a wife. Two, even. 

As well as lovers on the side.

Anput was Anubis' first wife.

She was created when Anubis split his soul in two, so that he could walk among both mortal and dead.

She was the only person Anubis truly truly loved. 

When she died, during the fall of the Nine Ennead, Anubis was crushed.

As if a part of him had died, which it also had.

But Anubis made a deal with Isis.

If Anubis would resurrect Osiris, she would keep the would of Anput safe.

As Isis had very powerful magic, she accepted, and Anubis resurrected Osiris.

So although, Anput is dead, her part of Anubis' soul is safe in the hands of Isis.

She became the mother of two of their children; Wepwawet, and Kebechet

Her duties were the same as Anubis'.

Anubis' marriage to Bastet was mainly a formality. Bastet had no husband, and Anubis was recently widower.

So the two joined, to make their houses stronger. 

Although they did not love one another, they got along very well.

In modern days, Bastet is still, officially, the wife of Anubis. But they mostly go separate ways.

Bastet was the goddess of war, and Anubis the god of the dead.

This way, their paths met quite often.

Hathor and Anubis had an exclusively sexual relationship. 

But they where very good friends too, and often did favors for each other.

Although their duties were so different, Hathor being the goddess of love, they still spent much time together.

At the beginning of their 'relationship', Hathor did develop feeling for Anubis. 

But they had a talked, and agreed that it was best to keep their relationship strictly on a friend-to-friend scale.

She visited Anubis' homestead in Duat many times, and became known as 'The Mistress of the West'.

While visiting in Duat, she welcomed the deceased to the paradise, whenever she could.

Hermes and Anubis were introduced when Alexander the Great entered Africa.

At first, they argued about what's what.

But they soon became dear friends.

Their friendship developed into a romance.

Whether or not love was involved, is unkown.

Because Anubis has but half a soul, he does not feel as much as others would.

But their relationship was intimate.

Intimate enough to spawn a child; Hermanubis.

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