The most wonderful time of the year.


Her phone screams at her with the most annoying tune she could find letting her know it's time to start another day. She was already awake though, but she just remains laying in her bed and looking at her phone. Does she really want to do this again? She hates herself because she knows the answer is yes. Mai sighs and pushes her blankets off of her, revealing most of her skin as she's only in a shirt and underwear. Not that it matters to anyone around her. Finally she sits up, turns her phone off, and stands up with a stretch and a yawn. Time to start.

A shower while the coffee brews. Her bathroom door is wide open and all the steam from her hot shower rolls out into the hall. Everything's fine, no one is home. She spends as much time as she wants cleaning herself up, because she woke up early enough. She takes her time drying her hair, and curling it. Takes even longer when going through all her beauty steps before even applying her makeup. Then she parades around in nothing but a towel as she moves to the kitchen to get her cup of coffee. She adds the pumpkin pie creamer and a pack of sugar, then steps off to her room. She sets her cup down, and steps into her closet. It's snowing now, so she can't be in a dress for a while. Boots, jeans, a long sleeve, and a puffy jacket with fur around the collar. Easy day.


Time for breakfast. She's tired of eggs and bacon. No milk for cereal. Pancakes it is. She only cooks two. No one else will be joining her. She pours herself another cup of coffee, gets her plate, exits out of the kitchen and into the living room. "TV on." The TV turns on as she sits herself on her white couch. "Channel three-fifty-six." She tunes into a news channel covering some breaking news. In bold lettering she reads a hostage situation.

Police are saying they have the situation under control, but we don't see any SWAT teams or even police snipers trying to set themselves up for a strategy. I really feel concerned for all those people being held hostage in the Marriot hotel...

Her phone starts screaming at her again with the same tone. She takes another bite off her fork, and pulls the vibrating madness out of her pocket. There's no name, but she knows the number all to well. The ringing gets louder and louder, but all she does is look at the number. Do I have to do this again? She thinks to herself. She still hates herself as she knows what the answer is.


"Yes, I know." She responds to the voice in her ear. She's armored up and ready to go, but all she does is look at her helmet that she holds in her hands. It's okay no plans were canceled. No one was expecting to see her today. Then someone places a gentle hand on her shoulder, causing her to glance back. "Are you okay, ma'am?" It was one of her squad mates. He was handsome and definitely someone she would flirt with, but there's a strict rule with leadership here. Instead she nods and pulls her helmet over her head. "I'm okay, sergeant... Let's get on with this." She pulls open the door to the helicopter and the Marriot hotel is below her. "God speed ma'am!" Yells the pilot before she drops down onto the roof of this building.

She lands on her feet and begins to look around to make sure she is alone on the roof. She's armed for war. Armor that's capable withstanding blows from dragons. Her HUD is capable of tracking the speed of a vampire. Her personal strength combined with the armor can crack Lucifer's teeth and send him back. On her back is her sword and shotgun covered by her shield as well. Her pistol is on her right thigh, and her six knives are on her chest. Her left arm still displays the WL markings proudly, as well as her ranking of GM. On her right arm is the red cross designating her as a medic.

"Pulse." Scanning... Targets confirmed. Five demons. Three Vampires. Marked. Human hostages detected... Marked. Scanning entry points. "Hold." Holding. She begins making her way to a door not too far in front of her. Her targets are highlighted through the walls for her, and she can see that they are eight floors down. Four in the hall way, no hostages, and four in a room on the right, each with a hostage. Amateur tactics. She'll be home in an hour.

She's on the same floor now. She crouches by a corner just before the hallway entrance. Two stood at the door while the other two paced up and down the hallway separately. She waited for a vampire to get close."Distraction: Blood scent." Ready. "Go." Distraction active. Just like that the vampire began to sniff, as did the others. " 'Ey you guys smell that?" "Yea, go check it out." The targets converse with each other. He begins approaching the corner slowly looking as though he was ready for anything. "Threat level." Scanning... Small firearms. Small blades. No irregular readings. Threat level: Minimal.

He comes around the corner to see Mai with a dagger in each hand that are also connected by a metal wire coming out of the hilts. That's all he's able to see before Mai wraps the cord around his neck, and kicks him to the wall. His body goes, but his head severed. The doormen look and can only mouth the words, "What the fuck." before Mai turns the corner with her shield in front of her. Flash, the doormen are close enough to be burned from the powerful solar lights on her shield. The demon at the end of the hall begins to raise his gun. Mai brings up her right hand and a platform of white diamond material forms beneath him. As quickly as it forms it raises up and slams him into the ceiling. Flash, Mai hasn't stopped closing the distance between herself and her targets. That diamond platform lowers with the demon still on it. She swings her hand down, and a jagged platform falls from above to impale the demon. She's close enough to the doormen now, and the first one gets the top of her shield slammed into his throat. The other, whom has collapsed from the pain of the burns gets her heel to the back of his head. "Right wrist blade." Active. A seven inch blade unfolds from the top of her right wrist.  In one swift motion she cuts off the head of the first vampire she hit, then grabs the back of the second vampire's head and begins to incinerate it with a white hot flame that emits from her palm.

"Status." Hallway is clear ma'am. Remaining targets. One vampire. Three demons. They have been alerted from the noise. Front door access is not advised. Scanning additional- "Hold." Holding.


"What the fuck was that? That didn't sound like police to me." "Relax a little. There's no way they can get us without killing their own people."

"Non-lethal: Black out." Non-lethal crafting... Ready. "Activate." Active.

A small metal ball breaks through the glass, and everything goes pitch black as though a blanket was put over everyone's face. It's followed by another crashing through the glass, but this time much more like a person came through. Three loud bangs followed by a thud. "Deactivate non-lethal." Deactivating... Clear. The light comes back to the room. Mai stands with the hostages as she scans the rest of the room with her shotgun in hand and her bayonet equipped. Three lay on the floor with no heads at all. Three slug shotgun shells also lay on the floor. The fourth lays next to his head. This man was the closest to the window. "Status." All clear ma- "Hold." Holding. Mai reattaches her shotgun to her back. "Sergeant we are all clear. Let the police know they can come on in." "Roger that ma'am... Any idea who these people are?" Her squad mate asks over the radio. "No idea. Didn't feel like I was fighting trained warriors. I'll hold until someone gets here."

Mai begins to look over the bodies while she waits. Maybe there's something on paper that will give her a clue on who these men belong too. She starts with the one over to her left. She rolls him over onto his back, and begins checking his pockets. She feels a phone, and slips it out of his jacket pocket. She clicks the home button to see if there's anything on the lock screen she can use. What she sees crushes her. There's about twenty missed calls from someone saved as 'Honey.' There's several texts from the same person as well. The background photo is of another man, holding a small child. She's just frozen in place. Who are these people? She begins to look around and wonder who else is dead here. Just then the phone begins to ring. She looks back to the screen. Ma'am? You are showing signs of depression. Should I notify someone? "... Hold." Holding. She should tell him something. At least that's what she thinks. She answers the phone, but doesn't say a word. "Hello?" A man's voice is speaking over the phone. "Babe are you there..? When are you coming home?" Ma'am, your emotions are dropping. Should I notify someone...?


Ma'am? Are you responsive?

"If you can hear me our son is waiting for you!"



"Ma'am? Excuse me, ma'am?" Mai snaps out of thought and looks to the woman trying to get her attention. "I'm sorry, what was that?" Mai asks as she regains her focus. "Would you like to buy any bags?" "Yes, please." "Okay, you're total will twenty-six dollars and eighty-seven cents... Debit or credit?" She asks Mai as she's pulling a card from her wallet. "Debit." The cashier nods and smiles politely. "You look nice today, are you cooking for someone special?" Mai flashes a smile as she's punching in her PIN. "No, just myself tonight." "Oh okay, just a cozy Sunday night at home, huh? I wish I could have one of those too." Mai is in the process of putting her card away and picking up her two bags. "You'll have to treat yourself on your next day off then. Thank you, have a nice night." Mai says as she now begins to leave the grocery store.


Mai is walking herself back to her apartment with her bags when she hears a woman scream from an alley way not to far from her. She begins moving faster to see who it was. Once she arrives she see's two men ganging up on a woman. Their eyes look hungry for sex. Mai knows what these men are intending. "Please, I'm looking for my son!" The woman pleads to her attackers. Mai could rush in, beat the shit out of them, then go on her marry way. Earlier events make her want to use a different way though. She's done enough for today. "Hey! I've called the police and they're going to be here right now!" Mai yells, causing for the others to look at her. "What did you say bitch? Don't make drag your ass over here too!" Just then Mai starts playing a siren from her phone that she has behind her back. "You better start running." They take the bait. Both men start running off without trying to figure out if the sirens were real or not.

The other lady begins approaching Mai in a hurry, obviously grateful for Mai's interference. "Thank you! Thank you so much! You're my hero!" Mai smiles slightly. At least she feels she has done some good today. "It was no problem, ma'am. Just glad they bought the trick." She gets her phone out and turns off the siren. "Are you okay?" The other woman nods as she begins to look around the floor. "Oh I'm fine, but I dropped a picture of my son somewhere around here. Can you help me? He went out early this morning, and he hasn't been answering calls or texts. I'm worried sick for him. Can you help me please?" Mai nods and sets down her groceries. "I'm sure that picture is around here somewhere. I'll help you." 

It doesn't take long for her to find the picture laying face down in the snow. "I found it!" Mai yells in excitement. "Oh thank god!" Mai picks up the picture and takes a look at who it is. Her smile is quick to fade off her face. "Yes, that's my son... Have you seen him?" She's frozen again. He was the first man she killed today. She wrapped her wire around his neck, then kicked him back. "Hello? Miss?" 

Mai hands the picture back to the mother and picks up her groceries. "I'm sorry, I haven't seen him. I have to get these groceries back home now, I really hope you find your son." The lady chases her for a moment. "Wait! Can I at least give you my number?" "I'm sorry I have to go!" Mai rushes away. She hates herself. She's a coward. She admits it. She can kill anyone, but she doesn't have the heart to tell the family that they are deceased.  She's horrible, and she knows it.


She's laying in her bed with nothing but a shirt and underwear on. Her TV is still on the news channel. 

Police have identified the suspects in today's hostage situation all as middle-class working men. Investigators say these men must have gotten together to try to pull of an exchange for money for the holidays, but in the process were taken down by the FBI SWAT team. The families are expressing their outrage and are demanding justice for their loved ones, saying that the FBI agents responsible should be brought up on charges of murder. The FBI director says their agents worked within the law and will not be releasing any names.

She's crying her eyes out into her pillow. She's screaming at the top of her lungs, but it's muffled. It wouldn't matter anyways. No one's home. No one will hear her. No one is going to walk into her room, and see her screaming into her pillow. No one will take the loaded HK45 that's laying next to her with it's safety off. No one is going save her.


Her phone screams at her with the most annoying tune she could find letting her know it's time to start another day.

She was already awake though.


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