The Myth and The Reality of Witches

Witches in the hives are lurking around, there is no run for cover, hahahahah! 

Throughout history there has been different perceptions and images of witches which have appeared in several forms, forms like the Witch with a pointy hat riding through the sky with her magical Broom, evil blood sucking Witches, suburban housewife, wart-nosed women. In pop culture, witches have been a benevolent, nose-twitching, an extraordinary teenager practicing and learning how to use her powers and not forgetting the trio of the charmed sisters fighting against the forces of evil. History has always depicted them to be dark, blood thirsty, gruesome and very deadly.

But Let’s be Straight Here,  Are Witches Real?

Many years ago, one of the most popular witches in history of Virginia and she was called “Grace “Sherwood”, her neighbors her of killing their farm pigs and harvested their cotton. The accusations kept pouring in until finally Sherwood was called upon for a trial in the year 1706.

During the dark age, they were limited ways or techniques to proof one’s innocence, so the court chooses a very controversial water test technique to find out if she is guilty or innocent. The poor witches arms and legs were tied firmly, even though she was in pains Sherwood was thrown into the water. Then it was assumed that if an accused sank, the accused would be termed innocent and if the accused floated, then the accused would be guilty. So unfortunately for Sherwood, she didn’t sink in the water, so therefore she was convicted by the court of being a Witch. Fortunately for her, she wasn’t killed, but was jailed for eight years.

An ancient satirical article was published in the Pennsylvania Gazette in New Jersey the year 1730, the article was supposedly written by Benjamin Franklin. The article was about a witch trial, she brought into limelight with an outrageous witchcraft accusations. Soon after the ravaging Witch accusations was curbed down in the New World and new laws to protect the innocent were passed so as not to wrongly accuse and convicted them being a Witch.

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