The Origin Of Vampires

Vampires are known for their  enormous success in the Halloween custom (season), Movies (Cinemas). Looking back at many years ago, they were considered to be an epitome for disease. The modern day Vampires characters are well known and one can easily relate to it. These characters can be horrific, but yet these are what makes them Vampires. Some of the known characters are their fangs, drinking of human blood, and can’t be seen in mirrors. Even as gruesome and powerful they may appear they have some weaknesses that scare the hell out of them or even get rid of them. They can be chased away with garlic, and killed and silenced by a strike through the heart. One of the very popular type of them is Dracula, they are mostly Aristocrats who are found in Old Castles.

At the beginning The Vampires didn’t come all out. Researches and speculations suggest that the modern invasion of the Halloween monsters came from several traditional beliefs that were practiced all over Europe. The beliefs were built around the fear that the dead, that was once buried, has the ability to still come out to harm the living.

Most times, these belief emanates from the lack of idea on how the Human bodies decompose. A perfect example of this  is when you have the body of a corpse’s skin shrink, visibly the corpse’s teeth and fingernails would look as though they have grown longer. With times as internal organs decays, a blackish  fluid leaks out of the nose and mouth of the corpse. Many people who have no idea about the body decomposition would assume the fluid is blood and hereby believe that the corpse has been coming out of the grave to drink from the living Humans.

Now copses who appeared Bloody weren’t the only reason or cause for this suspicion. During the Dark ages people usually think that Vampires were the main culprits, when it comes to spreading of diseases. People have sometimes accused Vampires of being involved in the unseen forces gradually destroying their villages and communities. One very constant factor in the evolution of vampire stories is the close relationship with disease, as reported by Forensic expert. The various ways of trying to control Vampires, or stopping them from feeding from the Human blood. They believed also that they were also controlling diseases and mysterious deaths by the exterminating them.


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