The Twin Demons

“Demons are what they are! They are the one ruining our villages with their evil mysterious powers, they must die! They have succeeded in killing over a thousand people, sucking the innocent blood is their pleasure, seeing people cry is their ultimate goal. And we must make them for their wicked acts. No Demons should survive, they must all die!”

It all started when Magdalene has asked get rid of her unborn child, the gods revealed to the village Priest that the Kings first daughter is carrying “Two Demons”. On the night before the village maiden festival of the years, the gods appeared and spoke with The priest. The gods asked that the unborn Twins in the Kings first daughter’s womb must be killed, the Twins are of the Demons, they will kill and destroy so many, spilling out blood like a river. A castaway Prince of Darkness lay with the Kings First Daughter. The message got the Priest wondering how he was going to pass the message to the King “How will I pass this message to the King”? “First, they are already planning a marriage ceremony with that evil bastard, the marriage has to stop! Secondly, it will be such a Herculean task to get rid of The Twins, most especially now that the King is happy that he is getting two sons from his daughter. The King wants his bloodline to someday take over The Throne after his reign, so it would be an almost impossible mission to accomplish”.

In the early hours of the next day, the village priest set-out to visit the King in his palace,the wants to deliver the message he got from the gods. While he was walking down the hill with his walking stick, wondering and thinking about the best way to present the matter to the King, suddenly, Thunder and Lightening struck right in front of the priest. He covered and protected his eyes from bright rays of light hitting his face, then he bowed down, raising his head up trying to get a glimpse of what was exactly happening. Then e saw he managed to see a man standing and the Priest asked “Who are you ‘?

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