"Now the dream of this life must end and so too must the dreamers within it... But now is the end of days, and I am the reaper."

"Mother is God in the eyes of a child"

"Dreams are like lies, after all"

 Name::  Keres Dusana. Aka Alanza ....... Alias:: Five, Malevolent - Alma Wade & Alessa Gillespie - due to being the reincarated fusion Of the two.

 Age :: Eternal Spectre. Evil never dies. It just changes shape.

 Species :: Phantom Wraith / Dark Specter

  Gender :: Female

Relationship Status :: Who can love a wraith?

Appearance :: Appears primarily as a child or a teenager. On rare occasions she will appear as an adult.

Personality :: She is very cruel and has zero empthy for the living. Amoral and Apathetic. The only remote kindness she shows is to thoses young girls and children who suffered great abuse and suffering at the hands of others, namely adults. She has a strong hatred of humanity and often wants to see them all die. After she got revenge on all those who wronged her. She started seeking vengeance for other girls and young women who suffered greatly at the hands of their own kind. Orphan girls and girls who suffered immense abuse as well a burn victims, she is very sympathetic towards and will do all she can to provide them comfort and avenge them. She does not harm or kill pets or other animals as some poltergeists do. She often leaves them be but will spook or scare them away from a place she is haunting to protect them from being accidentally harmed by her dangerous powers. In her current incarnation. She takes the form of either a young ten year old girl or a young teenager. Going by the nickname of Five, in her current incarnation. She is rather sweet, kind, loyal, loveable, and friendly. She is also a tech guru and is very good with techie stuff. This is where her technomancy abilities come in handy for her. This form is her kindest one yet, when she is in teenage state. The child form can be sweet and kind or cruel and vindictive.

  Likes ::  Watching things burn, cats, bats, white rats,black rats, snakes,wolves,crows, ravens. Various other animals and critters. Death Metal, Industrial, Aggrotech, EBM, Dark techno, any music sounds painful and suffering and loud. Horror movies with lots of blood and gore. Screams. Black Magic. Being Bad. Toying with the Living and tormenting.

    Dislikes :: Ghost hunters most of all. Hellhounds.  The Sun. Country Music. She also hates people who use others for their own selfish reasons and become a detriment to the person being used. She herself was used and discarded by her people once she served her purpose and was no longer useful. She loathes people who use people and spits them outs. Wanting to kill them as badly as she wants to kill rapists, child killers, and arsonists who enjoy burning people alive.

Behavioral patterns::

Keres tends to severely hate hellhounds and necromancers for obvious reasons. Hellhounds being one of the only known supernatural creatures originating from the Land of the Dead that are bred specifically to hunt down escaped souls and are able to harm ghosts. Necromancers well self explanatory on that. Though nekomatas she is ok with, they do not abuse the dead like necromancers do and she likes kitties. ^^

She is very cruel and has zero empthy for the living. Amoral and Apathetic. The only remote kindness she shows is to orphan girls or young female rape victims due to her own past story obviously. Being an orphan and rape victim herself, she is not overtly cruel to those who are and will even go out of her way to protect an orphan girl child or a female rape victim. She also does not harm or kill pets or other animals as some poltergeists do. She often leaves them be but will spook or scare them away from a place she is haunting to protect them from being accidentally harmed by her dangerous powers.


Bringing things from her imagination to life, dream manipulation powers, reality warping,. She has the exact same powers as Alma Wade, Paxton Fettel, Alessa Gillespie and a few of her own.
Psychokinesis, telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, brainwashing, haemokinesis, pyrokinesis, able to invade and influence dreams of others at will, able to alter physical reality at will. Teleportation, possessor, regeneration powers, superhuman strength, telepathic perception, brainwasher. Vast supernatural powers, psychokinesis. She as a ghost, as the ability to become a literal Ghost in the Machine. This gives her unparalleled powers of technomancy.

Massive Psychic, Psionic, Reality Warping, & Dream manipulation powers.

Psychokinesis, telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, brainwashing, haemokinesis, pyrokinesis, able to invade and influence dreams of others at will, able to alter physical reality at will.

Teleportation, possessor, regeneration powers, superhuman strength, telepathic perception, brainwasher.

Vast supernatural powers, psychokinesis.

She is a Spectre of Vengeance, hunting down those who wronged her and others like her.

Below is a power guide to reflect the powers she gained from being the reincarnation of Alessa, Alma, and Paxton.

Power info on Dark Alessa

Psionic powers

Dark Alessa possesses a wide array of psionic abilities that allow her to affect the environment as well as herself in a variety of supernatural ways. Because Alessa was born with these powers, Dark Alessa also possesses them. She can shift her appearance at will, changing from looking identical to Alessa as a child to having a darker, more demonic appearance. She has the ability to be both tangible and intangible when she wishes, can appear and disappear at will, and also shows signs of extrasensory perception or cosmic awareness; as she is constantly aware of where Rose and the cultists are at all times. Also notable is Dark Alessa's silence when she takes the form of the regular child version of Alessa. When Dark Alessa takes on a normal appearance, she does not speak, but rather relies on rattling a fence, making jerky movements, and stomping loudly to catch Rose's attention. This likely is a reference to Alessa's inability to speak or scream after she was burned in the fire, given the heavy emphasis on Alessa's silence in both the theatrical poster and the script.

She is also shown to have possession of massive pyrokinetic abilities. She can ignite fire out of nowhere, demonstrated when she catches fire in Silent Hill, and again in Revelation when she burns Heather and sets a group of cultists on fire, manipulating the fire as if it were alive with simple hand gestures. In all instances, her use of fire is symbolic of the torment of Alessa. When she catches fire in Silent Hill, she states, "Look at me, I'm burning", a clear reference to Alessa being burned alive by the fanatics. When she burns Heather in the dream sequence of Revelation, Heather's form takes on a charred appearance, very similar to that of burned Alessa. In killing the cultists with fire, Dark Alessa is visiting the same suffering upon them that they forced onto Alessa.

Dark Alessa is a reality warper, capable of changing physical reality to suit her needs, to the extent of creating entire worlds, a god-like feat. She creates the Fog World and Otherworld as manifestations of the loneliness and anger of Alessa, and fills these worlds with horrific monsters borne of Alessa's twisted psyche. These worlds are incarnations of Alessa's tortured mind, designed to represent the cruelty of a tortured child.[9]

She is also capable of possession, as she enters Rose's body and uses her to enter the church and incite the cultists.

Power info on Alma and Paxton

Paxton Fettel abilities

Paxton displayed psychic and psionic abilities from the earliest stages of childhood. Like his brother, he inherited these abilities from his mother, Alma Wade, suggesting a genetic link as an explanation for Alma's psychic powers.

As a child, Fettel displayed the ability to destroy objects at the molecular level through telekinesis. This ability ranged from levitating a toy gun to causing grown mens' heads to violently explode. He would also telekinetically levitate, move and shake his bed during nightmares.

As an adult and after his death, Fettel's psionic abilities extended to the spiritual level, allowing his soul to return as a ghost and suggesting a spiritual connection for their powers. After being "reborn," Fettel's abilities as a ghost allowed him to walk through walls, possess the bodies of living humans and fire blasts of psychic energy from his hands. He gains access to his hosts' memories while possessing them. He could use his power of possession as an offensive ability, allowing him to "burn out" the bodies of his hosts by causing them to explode at the molecular level. He could only stay in a body for a limited time, as the body would eventually explode unless he could sustain it by collecting the souls of his victims.

His abilities of telekinesis also increased as a ghost, allowing him to suspend enemies in the air and create a "thunderclap" of energy powerful enough to kill whole groups of enemies. Like his brother, Fettel can establish psychic links with certain corpses.

Alma Wade Powers

Alma is capable of linking her mind with Fettel during a Synchronicity Event, in which she is able to use him as a means to take her revenge; this is clearly shown in F.E.A.R.'s intro, where she whispers to Fettel to "Kill them. Kill them all.", and then frees him from his cell. Among Alma's other powers, she is able to kill people with a psychic attack that literally liquefies all their flesh, leaving behind only a charred, blood-drenched skeleton, something she does several times during the course of the games. She can also create a number of different hallucinations, and can take the Point Man into her dream world where she is even able to summon malevolent phantoms.

Alma also seems to display other powers associated with the mind. It is assumed she can perform pyrokinesis, as seen during one encounter when she sets off fiery explosions through an entire corridor, hurling the Point Man through a window. It can also be inferred that she has some level of telekinesis, as random objects move with her approach, or even in her absence. It is important to note that the Point Man may be simply hallucinating, an effect of Alma's psychic abilities.

The alternate world that exists within Alma's mind is known as the Almaverse. This world is characterized by red and orange hues, as well as floating silver and gold particles. The Almaverse reflects Alma's viewpoint of the world, changing seemingly ordinary things into monstrous entities and visions. Characters whose minds are being overtaken by Alma's psychic influence will often see the Almaverse, rather than reality. In F.E.A.R. 3, the Almaverse begins to bleed out from Alma's mind into the real world, overtaking it with each contraction she suffers. With the Almaverse comes an array of monsters borne of Alma's tortured psyche, including the Scavengers, monsters created from Alma's memories of her time in the Vault.

Transcendent Ghost Physiology

The ability to become a ghost of godlike power. Variation of Transcendent Physiologyand Transcendent Undead Physiology. Advanced form of Ghost Physiology. Not to be confused with Ghost Lord Physiology

Also Called
  • Ghost/Haunt/Phantom/Specter/Spirit/Wraith God Physiology 
  • Transcendent Haunt/Phantom/Specter/Spirit/Wraith Physiology 

Users of this ability are able to become a ghost of terrifying power. They possess the usual abilities that normal ghosts have, but at a level that they cannot hope to reach. The user gains a greater variety of paranormal abilities, are able to control other ghosts, and can rearrange or outright destroy the very concepts of the land of the living and the realm of the dead. 

  • Absolute Condition: Given that ghosts are supernaturally powerful, the user's power is even greater than that. 
  • Amortality: In the fact that as ghosts they're not alive and possibly never were to begin with. 
  • Astral Plane Manipulation: have as much free reign over the mental realm as the spiritual worlds 
    • Astral Manipulation: The user is able to manipulate the forces of the astral plane. 
      • Astral Trapping: Conjure and solidify spiritual, psychic and mystical energies within the physical realm as tangible substance to mold and reshape freely. 
    • Omnipathy: Due to all minds, hearts and souls being indefinably linked through life and death, users are capable of reaching out to touch and influence them to an infinite degree. 
    • Psionics: Along with supernatural abilities, the user is able control the material; both physical and ethereal alike, around them with just a mere thought. 
  • Death Embodiment: The user becomes the embodiment of Death. 
  • Death Transcendency: The user transcends via death. 
  • Ectoplasm Manipulation: The user can manipulate the paranormal energy that not only resides in the spirit realm, but ghosts as well as humans and utilize the energy in a number of ways. 
  • Fear Inducement: The power to evoke extreme fear and horror in others. 
  • Illusion Manipulation: The user can cause terrifying illusions to trick their opponents/victims if they are actually real or not. 
    • True Illusion: And they can also induce hallucinations into reality. 
  • Invisibility: The power to render oneself unseen to the naked eye. 
  • Meta-Possession: The power to inhabit not just the bodies of individuals. but to possess any and all forms of existing material 
    • Remote Possession: Control over overshadowing so complete one can without actual overshadowing. 
  • Nether Manipulation: Master the essence of death. 
    • Necromancy: The user is able utilize undead magic. 
  • Non-Corporeal Form: The user has no corporeal form, and is thus immune to any physical damage. 
  • Omnireplication: The user is able to duplicate their form with little to no specific limits. 
  • Phantasm Manipulation: Being the most powerful of ghosts, the user is able to manipulate as well as summon them to create their own personal army. 
  • Solipsistic Manipulation: They possess the ability to use their energy along with afterlife connection to manipulate and distort the reality of the the living world through the spirit realm and vice-versa. For if the afterlife is the soul of the living world one must always change to reflect the others condition. 
  • Spirit World Lordship: The user is able to become absolute ruler of the realm of spirits. 
  • Portal Manipulation: Have absolute control over transition to and from the multiple realms of the living and afterlife plane. 
    • Teleportation Manipulation: The user is capable of warping themselves as well as other people or objects from one place to another. 
  • Ultimate Intangibility: The user is naturally able to pass through solid matter and be solid at the same time. 
  • May be unable to control the incredible power they wield. 
  • Being resurrected by an outside force could cause the user to lose their power. 
Known Users
  • Alma Wade (F.E.A.R. Series) 
  • Beetlejuice (Beetlejuice) 
  • Kibosh (Casper) 
  • Athena (God of War); after Kratos killed her 
  • Pariah Dark (Danny Phantom) 
  • Clockwork (Danny Phantom) 
  • Freakshow (Danny Phantom); via The Reality Gauntlet 
  • Class 13 ghosts (Ghostbusters series) 
  • Ghosts beyond the Class System (Ghostbusters series) 
    • Dark Entity (Ghostbusters series) 
  • Vigo (Ghostbusters series) 
  • Rowan North (Ghostbusters 2016) 
  • Azetlor (Ghostbusters: The Video Game) 
  • The Chairman (Ghostbusters: The Video Game) 
  • Reverend Henry Kane/The Beast (Poltergeist Series) 
  • Spider Witch (Ghostbusters: The Video Game) 
  • Ivo Shandor (Ghostbusters: The Video Game) 
  • The Preeminent (Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu) 
  • King Boo (Mario series) 
  • Spooky (Pac-Man World 2) 
  • Aggie (Paranorman) 
  • Lord Poltergeist (Spongebob SquarePants) 
  • The Flying Dutchman (SpongeBob SquarePants) 
  • Green Ghoul (The Haunted Thundermans) 
  • Mr. Nobody (The Traveler) 
  • Yuyuko Saigyouji (Touhou) 
  • Sayoko (UQ Holder) 
  • Blazing Whitecloth (Valkyrie Crusade); via Spirit Lantern

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