Therapy Session #48

Therapy Session #48

"I watched her die in my arms, and there was nothing I could do for her." The raspy voice belonging to Valerie spoke quietly as she twiddled her thumbs around. One of the many nightmares that haunted the female warrior was a memory that she couldn't rid herself of. A woman who was once her enemy, only to make things right and then die in her arms.

"How long ago was this?" The voice belonging to Valerie's therapist replied curiously.

"Um... I dunno." Valerie looked off to the side of the chair she sat in to stare at the bookshelf in the office. "About two years ago, I guess."

"And this woman was originally your enemy?"

"Yeah. But shit happened, and she ended up turning out alright... I couldn't save her." Valerie remembered it vividly. The blood pooling around her. It covered her hands, her lap... She remembered the smell, the sight of the woman she held, even the sound of her heart slowing. "I have nightmares about her and other people... People that I couldn't save. People that got close to me and ended up dying. It's why I don't like to have a lot of friends.. the more people I'm close to, the more I have to lose."

"Is that what you're afraid of? Losing people you care about?"

"Yeah... I'm afraid that I won't be able to save the people that I love. Specifically my girlfriend. I know she can take care of herself, but..."

"You love her."

"I do. And I would do anything for her."

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