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10865024698?profile=RESIZE_584xShe sipped at her old fashioned glass of Gin before she finished painting her lips a wine red color. The creamy lipstick glided against her skin gracefully like it did thousands of times before this. Pinch, side-to-side, pucker. She clicked the lipstick case closed and set it back on the counter. Fingernails tapped against the marble surface while she debated amongst herself. Whiskey toned eyes stared back at her in the mirror. Oh what to do…

Verena was naturally beautiful, she knew this. Didn’t want to cover it with greasy flesh colored foundation or all sorts of rosy blushes, no. The tone of her skin was even and not a single blemish. Structurally, satisfying. With her tanned complexion and deep set eyes, she was definitely an eyeful. Piercings through her septum and the left side of her nose, double piercings on both ears, all a soft gold. Not too flashy, more edgy. Her hair was mahogany brown- hints of red in the sun and certain mood lighting. Not natural of course, but was iconic for Ren. She stood at 5’6” and had a slender but toned figure. Ink covered her right side running from her ribcage all the way to the outside of her lower thigh. Though, only seen to the eye was peeking from under her dress, a mid-length black little thing. Classic. It was a halter, a small little clasp at the nape of her neck was all that held it from falling to the floor. The back hung like drapery to the small of her back, just peeking out were her lower back dimples.

She ran her fingers through her curls shaggily. A hint of a grin noted her satisfaction and she exited the bathroom and stepped into what was a dim lit luxury of a living room. She sipped at her Gin again before making her way towards the foyer where her jacket, keys, and heels sat waiting for her. She set her glass on the side table next to her keys as she slipped into her strappy stilettos and snatched her keys and blazer before heading out the door of her apartment, leaving her lip-stained gin to welcome her home later that evening.

Well well… Isn’t this a quaint little place? All jokes aside, Ren pulled into a parking spot on the side of the street. She assumed there was a valet, but she wasn’t planning on being there long. Just to visit an old friend. The air was crisp and breezy, her hair bouncing and swaying slightly as she walked. Looking up, she saw the sign “Club Desire” in fancy, classy calligraphy. Her destination. Verena was greeted by a man who stood at least 6 feet tall with a clean shaven face but dark aviators on. His look wasn’t a snarl so-to-say, she just assumed it was his resting bitch face. Ren batted those bourbon brown eyes of hers and arched her back to look up at him, the  neck of her dress dipping oh-so achingly low… Almost passed her sternum. The dress could’ve been illegal.

10865031680?profile=RESIZE_584x“I’m sorry, I know I’m late. My shift started twenty minutes ago. This is my first day. Great first impression… Huh?” Her voice was soft and sweet, nothing like Verena. Her curls softly fell off her shoulder from the breeze, filling his nostrils with the scent of vanilla, cinnamon and Verena. She could almost sense his balls aching. He huffed a breath, but not a word and moved slightly to let her pass, opening the door for her. She smiled and gave him a thankyou touch along his bicep and brushed past him. Once inside the building, her innocent act was up, her face turning to stone as she continued down a dim hallway towards the first floor. The music intensified, thumping inside her chest. This was the dancing, drunk college kids with daddy’s money. The bar was here, and it called her name. She approached an empty seat only to stand over it and order a gin martini neat. Once in her hand she set the owed amount on the counter and walked past the DJ towards the elevators. The club wasn’t her actual destination. It was floor 3. The brothel house. 

The elevator bell was silent over the intense music but as the doors opened, it glowed inside with the contrasting light. She stepped in and pressed the manual close button and to floor three. Once the doors closed again, the loud booms were muffled and soft classical music played as she made her way up the building floors, slowly coming to a stop. The doors slid open and she stepped out. The music had changed from up-beat booming to sensual pop and not as loud. Women were everywhere, at the bar, on poles, on men, on women… Talking, dancing, kissing, grinding, you name it. The stench of sweat, perfume, and sex was prominent in her nose. Verena wasn’t here for… That… Necessarily. 

Ren made her way towards a guard who must have thought she was an employee, “You are wearing too much.” his voice was low. 

Verena’s mood shifted from serious to annoyed, “I’m not a whore, but I am looking for one.” Her tone was as low as his but packed a bit more of a bite. Her venom made his jaw clench. Obviously taking a protective roll in his line of work, 


His question sounded more like a statement, “Anastasia. With a room, please. I’d like another one of these, as well.” She handed him her martini glass. His fist clenched against the thin glass.

“I’m not a fuckin waiter.” he grumbled. Her annoyance turned pitiful and she grinned leaning into him, 

“I know, doll. But I’m new around here and need a little bit of help. I figured you’d be my guy. But if you’re not up for it…” she paused and slid a few Benjamins into his right front pocket, her fingers gripping the lip and pulled her hips into his whispering in his ear, “Then I’ll find someone who can satisfy me.” her lips grazed his earlobe. She could feel his breath hitch but his face stayed stern, 

“Rooms are down the hall, the second door is open. Give me five minutes…” he mumbled and his nose traced her neck. 

“Make it three.” she said shortly and released the guard and turned towards the hallway, she found her room easily enough. It was dimly lit with a luxurious king bed along the back wall. A red curved couch to her far right with a cushioned ottoman in front of it. On the left was a small bar cart with a white hand towel. A door next to it led to a small simple half bath. The place was stunning and sensual. Not to mention the music from the main room was projected into this one. A mirror covered the ceiling and giant picture frames were elegantly placed along the walls. Verena made her way to the couch and waited for her little friend and a fresh drink.

Three minutes on the dot, Verena heard the clinking of glass and a soft knock on the door before it slowly opened. A girl about mid-twenties stepped into the room and the door shut quietly behind her. The blonde had a lovely petite figure but looked a bit awkward and lost, “So how did a little young thing like you wind up in a sex club?” Verena broke the silence, words hung in the air. The blond looked over at Ren, her body relaxed and her posture straightened, 

“I’m older than you honey, and that’s not why we’re here is it?” The blond responded as she walked gracefully to the couch and found her place next to Ren. Her tits jiggled as she walked, the same with her thighs. Ren grinned as the blonde took her seat, and started to pour a bottle of Nolet’s into a martini glass. Ren’s hand rested on the blonde’s thigh and slid up to the apex of where her hip and thigh met. The blonde’s breath hitched and she slowly set the glass and bottle on the ottoman. “I figured since you asked me by name, I’d know who you are. So how do you know me?”

10865032287?profile=RESIZE_584x“Shh…” Verena cooed and her lips grazed the woman’s neck, breathing softly, “That’s not of interest at the moment…” The woman’s breath shook, “Anastasia.” Ren whispered before her hand cupped the woman’s sex and Ana inhaled sharply. Her head tilted back while Ren kissed at her neck and fingered her cunt, “Let me have you” Verena whispered, her words dripping onto Ana’s skin like honey. Ana could barely let out a moan, but gave a slow nod. Verena didn’t hesitate and climbed swiftly onto Ana’s naked body. Ren’s dress pooling at her hips. Ren cupped Ana’s jaw, and her mouth collided with the womans, tasting peppermint, brandy, and Ana. Intoxicating. She moved her hips while Ana’s hands slid up and under her dress, gripping her sides gently as their tongues danced. 

Verena opened her eyes, pits of black had replaced her bambi bourbon brown irises, veins crackled and made their way down her body, her nails grew to sharp points and her moan sounded like multiple people. Verena opened her mouth wide, her jaw almost dislocating and so did Ana’s. The blonde’s eyes shot open wide in pain and immediately was replaced by horror at what she saw on top of her. Verena inhaled and a black, smoke-like substance started to escape Anastasia’s mouth and entered into Verena’s. Ren pressed Ana’s body closer, clutching the woman by the neck as she literally sucked the life out of her. Ren’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as the last bit of soul left the poor girl’s body. Finally, Ana’s naked carcass fell limp from under her. 

Fuck.” Verena breathed in Latin as she gasped for air. It was as if she had just came. Her chest rose and fell rapidly for a few moments before slowing as she was brought back down to earth. Moments after, she leaned back to grab her glass and threw it back, taking it all in. The burn down her chest finally gave her ground and she slumped back onto the couch, her legs resting over Ana’s frozen thighs. Oh what a lovely time it’s been.

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