This Is Your Bloody Invitation (OOC)

Come one! Come all!

Our little playground of Mayhem invites you to take a gander on the bloody side.  

Looking for an RP that'll push your characters limits? We have that.

Looking to indulge in your characters darkest fantasies or most haunting Nightmares? We have that too. 

Looking to throw your character in a group RP with like minded individuals? Come, dive on in.

I'm Amalthea and my bloody partner in crime is Apollo. We are two writers who decided to try something new for a group RP. The aim is a thorough RP experience crossing the chat platform, the group platform, individual PM RP, and the blog platform. By no means, do you have to indulge in all aspects but you are more than welcome to.

 On the home page of Manacles of Mayhem you will find the setting for our world of destruction. We extend a bloody invitation to anyone who wants to join us for a little gander and play in our realm. 

We have two main areas for RP. One for our events: a live-action RP that would function similarly to chat and one for our everyday RP purposes. If you would like to just pop in for a little RP here and there, by all means you are welcome to do so. We invite anyone who plans to have their characters in the RP long term to post a little character Bio on our Meet the Cast page.

As fellow writers, we love it when a group of individuals can take ownership over a story line in their unique ways. Thus we highly encourage any of our long term characters to write a blog for the world or about your character in the world. If you character only popped in for a little bit but you still wanted to write a blog around that, we are more than happy to see those too. 

Any questions can be directed to Apollo or I. We'll be your primary World Moderators for this RP experience. We look forward to seeing you or character running lose on those crazy streets. 

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  • I wish you luck! I'm really excited to see a group flourish on here. I will say (I've not tested groups as much as I'd like to yet) But I do believe you can input your own chat system in your group. (I only say this because I read that you were trying to make your live-action Rp section like a chat system.) If you have access to edit the HTML in a group. It should give you the ability to copy and paste a chat system. (External chat widget) into your group's html page. Its pretty much the same as putting a music player on your page using html!  Anyway! That was just my opinion if you were trying to create your own chat.  Hope it works out :D

    I've not tested groups yet myself, so I could be blowing smoke. 

    Good luck to your group!


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    • Thanks for the feature. We'd love to have you join us if you are interested in it. Anyone is welcome. Good or evil characters. Happy-go-lucky or negative Nances. We welcome it all.

    • Thanks! I had no idea. I'll have to look into it. There are a few chat platforms I could work with to make that happen and in the long run, probably work out better. I have no doubt that even if it is just a three man group the group RP we do will work out great. I've done a lot of group RP in the past and has been my primary platform over PMs of any kind. 

      I'll test the chat and let you know how everything works out! 

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