Storytelling is simply the activity of telling or writing stories dramatically or creatively. Here are Three free Perfect rules for a great storytelling.

1. Perfect storytelling is universal

A perfect storytelling is the process of taking a piece of the human experience or situation (for example events like conflict, emotionality, birth, growth, aspiration,) and delivering it in a pleasant and unique way. One of the easier ways you can achieve this is to pull apart the your favorite stories. You need to disintegrate every little point about what you love about the story. You need to connect it with your emotions in an orderly pattern so the audience can also connect with your emotions. To crown it all up, self-awareness and knowledge are at the basics of all perfect storytelling. Not forgetting that you are part of the human existence and people will relate or connect to that.

2. A perfect story should have a clear pattern and purposeStory Pattern:

One of the ideal ways to create and develop a compelling story is to use a “The Story Pattern or Spine” and "Purpose".  “The Story Pattern or Spine” this format was actually created by a professional playwright and improvisor "Kenn Adams". One of the world's famous film house "Pixar" has used this story pattern to create numerous popular movies that thrills our big screen today.

I. And the Pattern or Spine goes:

"Once upon a time there was [blank]. Every day, [blank]. One day [blank]. Because of that, [blank]. Until finally [bank]".

II. Purpose: He is an extract from Pixar and it goes:

"Why must you tell THIS story?

What’s the belief burning within you that your story feeds off of?

What greater purpose does this serve? What does it teach?

That’s the heart of really great storytelling". You need to create a story that you are passionate to tell because it purpose is basically real, by this your stories can have influence the world in a big way.

This is the major lost link in storytelling.

  1. Create a character people can root for (more like an underdog)

Whether you like it or not, people want a character to root (A Protagonist or an Antagonist character). Most times they love a good underdog. You might think that this appears too simple or basic but it’s worth taking note of anytime you are writing a story. The world famous film house Pixar further explains that the audience appreciates a character for going extra miles to achieve success. Better still, it is mainly about the Main character’s journey than it is their actual destination.

When your Main character is facing a very tough fight, facing obstacles and adversities, then, you are on your to make a really great story. Presently, for example, the majority loves a good “rags to riches” story. Forbes uses this antics most times to convey their stories, they publish articles about a fearless entrepreneur that lost everything, who failed dozens of times while growing, and yet still tried to overcome and established a multi-million dollar business?

"Create and give the audience an unexpected hero to root for.

To be continued….

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