Three Steps in Writing a Great Adventure Story..

Adventure top the list of the most wanted and requested genre for short stories and it's very popular in Novel and the motion pictures as well. Too many writers getting wrongly, most times, they will tag their work to be "Adventure" while in actual sense the work is far from what it is said to be. Well, don't worry, this content will help you out. There are tricks you should know while writing an Adventure story, because the story is fun to write and very easy to sell, here are Three Steps in Writing a Great Adventure Story..

  1. The story should be an expected journey and ends unexpectedly

Most times adventure stories starts in an ordinary setting that is quite expected. This type of writing genre requires you to think out of the box when creating your story, If the actions and happenings in your story are based or just normal, too easy to assimilate, then you are writing a child’s fairy tale story not an adventure. For example, if your characters hop into his bicycle to his grandma’s house and he gets to see ranches and farmers working on a green vegetation, that is absolutely not an adventure. Those scenes appear too ordinary to be called an adventure, An adventure should wow you, something out of the world.

  1. A great adventure story should contain an element of risk

There should be always a feel of risk in your story, because without risk, even a great suspense filled writing will never have the thrill or the feel of a real adventure. A suspense filled event without risk might be regarded as a great piece of comedy.

  1. The “Risk” in an adventure story should change and be escalated in response to the character's actions.

A great adventure story shouldn't just carry someone as the main character just from one unexpected activity to the next. There should be something or an action that would launch the main character into the next phase for it to be a great adventure story. This type of genre of the story gives the main character a tough challenge and the character would in turn respond to the challenge given in the story, and the responsive action must then give the story a new twist.  In summary the story should affects the main character and the main character should in turn affect the story.

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