Three Steps in Writing a Great Anime Story

Anime is becoming huge on the Big screen in these past years, the secret of the huge success lies in the great story telling and the outstanding graphical image representation. Now, as a creative writer, how do you go about writing a great anime story in an exciting manner. In the long run, the time invested in creating an amazing Anime story would pay off, the major hurdle is for you to start first. For you to finish your goal of creating a great Anime story, you must first create characters, storyboards, and illustrations. But in all you need to gear up your creative skill, for you to come up with a great story. Here are Three steps in writing a great Anime story..

  1. Main Characters: One of the very first thing to do is to create the main character. Your characters should have a particular and unique set of characteristics and they should have background story.
  2. Character goals: The next step is for you to think of the goal the character should achieve. You should be able to create goals for each character. The easiest is first knowing the goal of your main character, then you will have a smooth storyline. You should create a concrete goal, if not characters would look lost and the whole story would become pointless.
  3. Originality: One of the major step in creating a great Anime story is to create an original and complex character. Giving the story an original feel makes your story to be unique and the complexity gives the story an intriguing feel.
  • Create an opposing character with a smooth progression of the story
  • Create a flexibility in your character, they could wander off sometimes
  • Create a breathtaking conflict among your characters
  • Give your character a Herculean task, and let the struggle teach them a lesson
  • Introduce characters a Valian or a Hero or better still an Emotional or a Messy character
  • Get characters busy, give them a handful of actions to carry out
  • Another clue in achieving a great Anime story is to create characters who are contradictions of their real selves.

With these few tips, I think you should get started in writing that great Anime story of yours. What are you waiting for ? Get started  now

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