Arc I Timeline

January 23rd, 1988 – Mia Faye Burton was born in East Boston, MA

  • She’s the 2nd child of Kathryn and Raymond Burton and only daughter: Kathryn is a geriatric nurse at a local senior home center while Raymond a heart surgeon at a memorial veterans hospital. Because of their busy schedules, despite the family’s stability, Mia was under her brother Timon’s wing most of the time. 
  • The Burton family were financially well off, living in a townhouse in a quiet neighborhood. Kathryn and Raymond moved to Boston when they were in their early 20’s, marrying somewhere between 1940 and 1950. Kathryn was pregnant at the time of their marriage, thus Timon was born.
  • Mia, despite her rebellious and boastful nature, was a good student, passing her classes and enrolling in the engineering program because of her utmost interest in working for the government ( or NASA ).
  • Throughout her school career up until high school, she was interested in taking track & field and went for the opportunity of trying it out. After a month, Mia quit and resumed her passion for engineering.

March 9th, 2004 – Kathryn Burton went missing ( UNDER CON. )

  • She was last seen in the parking lot of her workplace: at that moment, her coworkers were interviewed by the police and was told she had to run an errand to the hospital. After 8 months of searching and investigating, the case was closed; therefore, Kathryn was presumed dead – or missing in action. There’s not much we know.

September 1st, 2005 – Raymond Burton passes away in his sleep

  • After the death of Raymond ( and Kathryn ), Timon becomes Mia’s permanent guardian although their relatives stayed with them for a few months to help them readjust.

Somewhere in 2006 – Mia Burton joins an all-girl gang ( UNDER CON. )

  • This is the beginning of her criminal activity; however, the gang started out as a very small group of “misfit girls” – typically falling under categories of runaways, “freaks”, lonely people, troublemakers, and more. Their crimes usually did not resort to violence up until a new stranger joined the pack, immediately taking the role of their leader. After their arrival, Mia began to learn how to shoot/aim/ disassemble/clean/etc., essentially taking the responsibility of caring for her gun.

August 3rd, 2007 – Mia Burton is murdered

  • Her involvement in a shootout between her gang and another local gang wasn’t intentional; wrong place, wrong time. Her autopsy revealed gunshots to her upper torso and stomach, fatally hitting her heart and liver. 
  • The gangs were arrested for manslaughter and Mia’s body was about to be prepared in the mortuary. By Timon’s request, she was to be preserved ( much like a mummy: the lore of the embalming fluid and the funeral industry will come ) and placed in her home within a coffin with a window instead of being buried or cremated.

August 5th, 2007 – Mia Burton is resurrected

  • Her resurrection was caused by the man – a scientist mastering in necromancy – who disguised himself as a funeral director. Although careless and somewhat naive, he tampered with the advanced embalming fluid with necromancy magic and didn’t think of the consequences before injecting her corpse. Instead of preserving the body, it recopied her DNA and began to restore her during his short absence.
  • Her body restored fully and a “copy of her soul” was put in place, in which the fluid recreated another life. Although human in appearance, Mia is medically filed as dead. The scientist ran off after her awakening in the morgue, leaving behind only a small vial while she struggled to open her eyes and mouth. To this day, she’s searching for him while holding onto the only evidence he left behind.
  • She doesn’t remember much about her time in the morgue but it took her a while to fully register she was alive -- well, again. After discovering her records, autopsy and the forms for her burial, Mia realized there’s no point sticking around due to her being undead, thus she ran off in disguise.

Somewhere in 2007 – Timon Burton went missing

  • Like Kathryn’s disappearance, not much is known other than his last destination in the lobby of the funeral home.
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