White Vision - Powers & Abilities

White Vision - Powers & Abilities

- Synthezoid Physiology/Chaos Magic Enhancement: White Vision was created to be a replica of his original self. He was eventually reactivated with enough energy radiating from Chaos Magic.

- Superhuman Strength: As a synthezoid composed of vibranium, White Vision possesses superhuman strength. He was able to be par with Vision in terms of physical strength. White Vision was able to send Vision flying several meters and crush through a door with a single hit, as well as effortlessly lift Wanda Maximoff off the ground.

- Superhuman Durability: The vibranium composition of White Vision's body allows him to withstand attacks of immense force with no visible damage to his exterior. He endurance being thrown to a caravan, as well as the explosion of the caravan and walking through the fire without any problem. White Vision also emerged completely unharmed after being thrown from a great height into a concrete street.

- Superhuman Speed: White Vision can move or run at super sonic speeds which allowed him to keep up with Vision during their fight.

- Superhuman Agility: White Vision was very swift and agile, especially in the air. He performed many aerial moves in order to either attack Vision or dodge him.

- Superhuman Stamina: White Vision does not sleep nor eat, being highly capable of maintaining his activities continuously for unlimited periods of time.

- Superhuman Reflexes: White Vision has superhuman reaction time which allowed him to go toe-to-toe with Vision.

- Longevity: As a synthezoid, White Vision is able to biologically live forever unless killed by an exterior cause.

- Flight: White Vision is capable of high speed flight. He could control where he went and could even stop his motion very quickly. He battled Vision in the air for a long time.

- Levitation: In addition to flight, White Vision is able to levitate off the ground without actually flying.

- Intangibility: White Vision's control over his density, weight and mass give him the ability to phase through solid objects. As he does so, an aura of white light envelopes the part of his body that is phased through matter. When phasing, White Vision can increase his density to destroy the object he phases through from the inside. During the Battle of Westview, White Vision used this ability to fight against Vision. The limits of his physical strength, durability and agility seem to widen according to how he controls his physical matter and density.

- Energy Blast: White Vision is capable of firing blue beams of intense energy from his forehead. He shot many beams at Vision.

- Genius-Level Intellect: Being an artificial intelligence, White Vision is capable of understanding complex topics and decipher the philosophy of identity metaphysics, which in turn allowed him to deduce the purpose of his creation.

- Expert Combatant: As a synthezoid programmed as a sentient weapon, White Vision is a skilled combatant. He was able to fight on par with Vision during their battle on Westview.

- Chaos Magic Source: The Chaos Magic residing within his body, which acts as his own renewable power source, protects White Vision from magical tracking methods as well as various magical abilities inferior to Chaos Magic.

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