Who made who? (Interview 1 of 7)

“Hello.” Mai speaks up as she stands on the other side of a cold steel table.

“Hi.” I look at the beautiful green haired woman standing across from me.

Ash: “Am I glad you caught me, and not Wrath-“

Mai: “Mine and Mitchell’s goals may be the same.”

Ash: I couldn’t help but smirk at that. Boy is she mad. “Then I’m assuming the reason you haven’t kicked my ass yet is because you want answers?”

Mai: “You don’t have to assume anything, Ash. Just answer my questions.”

Ash: “Wait hold on the Marines trained me for this part, I’m supposed to tell you my social-“

Mai: Mai slams her hand into the table and gives an angered glare at me. “You took my family from me asshole!”

Ash: I did flinch at her sudden outburst, but I knew she wouldn’t hurt me. Not just yet at least. “No, your environment did that- wait hold up, how did you already know that?”

Mai: Mai sighs before walking to the door. “You made me, dick, why don’t you tell me?”

Ash: Oh, right. She can access memories. “So then if you already went inside my head why am I still here?”

Mai: “We want to know why.” She opens the door, and in comes the survivors. Oh man, this is going to be bad for me.

Wrath: He barges in past Mai and rushes towards me. “Fuck that, I’m going to kill this bitch!”

Mai: She’s quick enough to get a hold of Wrath and pull him back. “Stop, Mitchel!”

Wrath: “You made me kill my own son asshole! I’ll rip your fucking head off!”

Creed: “Wrath, what makes you think that if this individual right here stops existing, that we won’t either?”

Doom: “I’m game to find out.”

Mai: “Everyone stop! I brought you here so that we could all get our answers… You’ll all get your own personal time with Ash, but for now I want to ask a few questions for all of us.”

Ash: I shrug my shoulders with a plain, “Sure. I’m in no position to keep secrets… Can I have a beer though? And are these cuffs really necessary? I mean, what am I gonna do, cough on you?” It was a long shot, but I knew them all. Wrath was the only that would actually hurt me, the others followed orders.

Mai: She gives a sigh of annoyance. “Focus… What was your purpose of the Warlord Army?”

Chelsea: “Why did you make a war where millions died?”

Ash: This wasn’t difficult to answer. Was it really something they would like to know though? I guess there’s no other option really. “Well… I don’t really feel like I created that.”

Eric: “Bullshit.”

Ash: “Let me explain. You have a world, your world, with all of these different species that go unchecked. Most think that humanity would be powerless against a full on war against other species, but I don’t feel like anyone ever thought about how quickly humans adapt.”

Doom: “I can’t believe we are actually listening to this nut.”

Ash: “Hold on and just listen! Take a look back at World War 2. Well, the way it was for me. The U.S. had the options of invading the homeland of Japan, and having hundreds of thousands more of their own people die. Or-Or they could find a way to save their own. The same in the Vietnam conflict. They could enter the forest and get picked apart, or burn the whole place down.”

Wrath: “Our people over the enemy’s people.”

Ash: “Exactly! Humanity will just do that. It goes for every country. Their people over the enemy’s people. In war, it doesn’t matter. So I didn’t start the war. That wasn’t me. I simply took the idea of all of these other species picking on humanity, and treating them like food, and allowed humanity to react. That brings us to the creation of a new military branch labeled the Warlord Army… You see, I just set the stage. You, the actors, played your own destiny. I was just a… Translator, if you will. Does that make sense?”

Creed: “In a twisted way… Sure.”

Mai: “So then if the War was a ‘cause and effect’ scenario, then what about us? You created us. Our conditions. Our pains. Why did you make us?”

Chelsea: “Why did you take so much from us?”

Ash: “I didn’t take anything from you. Well, I should say once you became Warlords, I stopped taking from you. What happened to you after you left the Warlords was your own fault. All of you have a personality. You are all alive and breathing in my head. I just tell people how you’re doing. I’m not giving orders. You think I want to be here chained to a table with all of you here? I’d prefer it was the other way around, but let’s be honest how could I pull that off?”

Mai: “Answer me.”

Ash: “I was coming around to it, Mai-“

Mai: “It’s pronounced Mai, like the month of May. Go on.”

Ash: “Sorry, I wasn’t a huge fan of phonics-Anyways! As to why you were all created. Let’s see. Wrath, you based off of how I used to be. Angry and unforgiving. Eric, Chelsea, Doom, and Creed. You are all based off of personalities I had always wanted to meet. Lastly, Mai, you are who I hope to become… As in personality. I don’t think I could pull off the green hair.”

Wrath: “I hope you’re willing to go into detail with this.” He narrows his eyes at me.

Ash: “Yes, of course. Who’s first?”


To be continued…

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