It's time for another round of our game giveaways!
Brought to you by our site owner Marly herself, and run by yours truly. 

Many of you may already know, but here's how it works!

Once a day, at random (times will vary) a question will be posted on this discussion.
Notifications of the question's posting will be visible in the Global Comments Section,
as well as in the Wrealms Main Chat, and the site's Discord server upon being posted.
An Admin will place a new question down below on this posting, to the corresponding day.
The first person to answer correctly in the comment section of this event will win
the Steam code for the day!

Also, be on the lookout for days that may include a bonus second game posted!
This month's giveaway will have more bonus 'hidden' games than any in the past.



- Admins and their Alt accounts may not participate. 

- You can win a total of 4 times (including bonus games).

- Most of these questions are trivial and silly—I'm not trying to trick you.

- Please respect that all these games are donated  for everyone's enjoyment.

-Games from days prior may still be answered if not claimed.

- Game codes will be sent Via inbox unless requested otherwise.

- All questions are selected based on CST time.

- All game codes are for PC via Steam.


December's (holiday) Madness Giveaway!
Let the games begin!



Day 1: What is the scientific name for the Gray Fox?

Prize: Evergarden  |  Winner(Sent):  ᗩᗪᖇIᗩᑎᕮ ᑕᕼᗩᑎᗪᒪᕮᖇ-ᗪᕮᑕKᕮᖇ


3763010821?profile=RESIZE_180x180Day 2: What is the date that Game of Thrones' first episode was released?

Prize: SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising  |  Winner(Sent):  ꁝꏂ꒒ꏂꋊꋬ ꀘꌦ꒒ꏂ


Day 3: In the live-action Transformers series, which film features robot dinosaurs? (Give film title)

Prize: Override: Mech City Brawl  |  Winner(Sent): The Daemon Family


*BONUS QUESTION: What was the first video game that recorded high scores of all its players?

 Prize:  Almost there: The platformer  |  Winner:  STILL OPEN


3763010821?profile=RESIZE_180x180Day 4: Unveiled in 1915, what was the name of the first tank prototype? (not the inventor name)

Prize: Call of Duty®: WWIIWinner(sent):  Alias: Thomas Haas


Day 5: Who is the inventor of the Pet Rock? What was their name?

Prize: The Adventure PalsWinner(Sent): Agnes  


3763010821?profile=RESIZE_180x180Day 6: Post a picture of a flamingo in the comments to claim!

Prize: Avernum 3: Ruined World |  Winner(Sent):  ѕαndrα wu-ѕαn | lαdч ѕhívα


Day 7:  Where did Kung Fu originate?

Prize: Yakuza Kiwami  |  Winner(Sent):  Agnes


*BONUS QUESTION: Post a picture of an armadillo to claim!

 Prize:  Slay The Spire Winner(Sent): Brona


3763010821?profile=RESIZE_180x180Day 8: When did Nintendo's Super Smash Bros originally first get released? (Give full date)

Prize: State of Mind  |  Winner(Sent):  Agnes


Day 9: Name one of Jupiter's 4 Galilean moons.

Prize: God's TriggerWinner(Sent):  The Daemon Family


*BONUS QUESTION: Give the name of a site Admin (other than Omega) to claim! Any name (character/username/nickname) that applies will do.

 Prize:  11-11: Memories Retold Winner(Sent): Agnes


3763010821?profile=RESIZE_180x180Day 10: What score(by %) does the movie Nacho Libre have on Rotten Tomatoes?

Prize: Guacamelee! 2  |  Winner(Sent):  R y a n


Day 11: Post a picture of a snowman to claim!

Prize:  My Time at Portia  |  Winner(Sent):  Brona



3763010821?profile=RESIZE_180x180Day 12: From the Sonic series, what is Doctor Eggman's real name?

Prize: Sonic Mania  |  Winner(Sent):  Brona


Day 13: In what year did the original start of the series, Soul Edge come out?

Prize: SOULCALIBUR VI  |  Winner(Sent):  Brona


*BONUS QUESTION: Post a picture of a goose wearing shoes to claim!

 Prize: Shenmue I&II Winner(Sent): R y a n

3763010821?profile=RESIZE_180x180Day 14: When is the infamous Halley's Comet projected to pass by Earth? (Give a year)

Prize: Planet Alpha  |  Winner:  STILL OPEN


*BONUS QUESTION: How many letters are there total in the title of this game?

 Prize: MOTHERGUNSHIP Winner(Sent): The Daemon Family

Day 15: Post a picture of a raccoon to win!

Prize: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy  |  Winner(sent): Krystal Martina Shaw


88985343?profile=RESIZE_710xNEW YEARS BONUSES:
Another year down, another year upcoming. This one's pretty simple: name which game you'd like and tell us something you've enjoyed about the site to claim! Any of the games listed below are free game- just remember to tag which ones you are going for in the comment.

 Prize: BATTLETECH Winner(sent): The Daemon Family

 Prize: Squad (Early Access)Winner:

 Prize: Puss!*|  Winner: 

 Prize: The Spiral ScoutsWinner:

      *warning, trailer contains flashing lights



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  • Bonus question:: 13 letters in the title of the game, MotherGunShip, 13 letters total with there being 12 different non repeating letters as the H is used twice in the title.  Incase that added tidbit is needed. 

  • Day 9:: Callisto (Jupiter IV) the second-largest moon of Jupiter.
    Also just love the name Callisto ^.^

  • Tag:: battle tech!   I love my robots ^.^

    what I like about the site. I say ease of use. It is not overly complicated or complex. Pretty much user friendly and don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand. Though coding still eludes me lol.  I also enjoy the holiday specials that is done. From prize giveaways to special blog events to get the community active and engaging. I think that is pretty groovey. 

    • Correct, and much appreciated!

  • Day 15|


    • Correct!

  • Day 13 Bonus:

    Image result for goose wearing shoes

  • Day 7 Bonus Question: 3789835088?profile=RESIZE_710x

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