Oct 1, 2018 to Oct 31, 2018

 Calling All Artists!

For the second year here at Wrealms,

I challenge you to Inktober.




  • The rules are simple: Complete one drawing using ink as a medium for every day in October.
  • Feel free to do seven drawings by the end of the week, or one drawing per day. Whatever works for you- just be consistent if you can.
  • Created by artist Jake Parker in 2009, this is an exercise used to develop better drawing habits and to challenge the thousands of participants that partake in it each year!


Here is the 2018 official prompt list.

Feel free however to go by other lists that exist, or go by your own themes.




Interested? Feel free to post your entries below-

remember to mark what day your drawing belongs to.

Happy creating!

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  • Day 31: Slice

    That's a wrap! Thanks for followin'.

  • Day 30: Jolt

    Another pokemon, sorry I'm posting here belatedly.

  • Day 29: Double

  • Day 28: Gift

  • Day 27: Thunder

    Pikachu is overrated and Ampharos is cooler, I'm sorry I have to tell you this.

  • Day 26: Stretch

    The old roommates' dog. Less than a week left, then I'll leave you all alone

  • Day 25: Prickly

    The lil cactus on my window sill that has been living its best life since I put it there.

  • Day 24: Chop

    I've run out of clever things to say here

  • Day 23: Muddy

    Have a Mudskipper

  • Day 22: Expensive


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