Sep 1, 2018 to Sep 30, 2018

Here's how it works!

Every day, at random (times will vary) a question will be posted on this discussion. Notifications of the question's posting will be visible in the Global Comments Section, as well as in the Wrealms Main Chat upon being posted. One of Admins will then put a random question down below on the cooresponding calendar day. The first person to answer correctly in the comment section will win the game key for the day!



- Admins and their Alt accounts may not participate. 

- You can win a total of 4 times (4 days max) 

- Most of these questions are trivial and silly, lets all just have fun!

- Please respect that all these games are donated to the site for everyone's enjoyment, no matter how petty or amazing the game is.

- Game codes will be sent Via inbox unless requested otherwise.

- All game codes are for PC 

- All questions are selected based on CST time.

September Giveaway! Let the games begin!


Day 1: How many toes (total) does an alligator have?

Prize (Sent): Lost Castle  |  Winner: Everleigh Paxton


Day 2: How long do Emperor penguins live?

Prize (Sent): A Hat In Time  |  Winner: Peter Hale


Day 3: The smallest owl in the world is known as..?

Prize (Sent): Owlboy |  Winner: Peter Hale


Day 4: Post a photo of a cat wearing a hat to claim.

Prize (Sent): Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom |  Winner: Amir


Day 5: In the game of Pool, what is the standard color for the 5 ball?

Prize (Sent): Serial Cleaner |  Winner: Alexander


Day 6:What is the longest flight of a chicken ever recorded?

Prize (Sent): Forts |  Winner: Aurida


Day 7: What is the bite force of a salt water crocodile? (Any correct unit of measurement will be taken)

Prize (Sent): Forged Battalion |  Winner: Frank N Furter


Day 8: What was the name of the first submarine to sink a ship?

Prize (Sent): Blackwake |  Winner: Everleigh Paxton


Day 9: What is the current tallest building in the world?

 Prize (Sent): Bear with me - Collectors Edition |  Winner: Astarte


Day 10: What is the current world record for holding your breath?

Prize (Sent): Conan Exiles |  Winner: Everleigh Paxton


Day 11: What is the current world land speed record? (Any correct measurement will be taken)

Prize (Sent):  Jalopy |  Winner: John Baliza


Day 12: In what year was 'laser tag' first invented?

Prize (Sent): Laser League |  Winner: Amir


Day 13: What is the average lifespan of a pet goldfish?

Prize (Sent):  Overgrowth |  Winner:Agnes


Day 14: How did R2D2 get his name?

Prize (Sent): RUINER |  Winner: Astarte


Day 15: Post a photo of a dinosaur in the comments

Prize (Sent): Sudden Strike  4 |  Winner: Alexander


Day 16: Post a picture of a Golden Retriever in the comments

Prize (Sent): Last Day of June |  Winner: Alexander


Day 17: On what date did Outlast 1 first come out?

Prize (Sent): Outlast 2 |  Winner: C. G. Sullivan


Day 18: What is the very last word in the Update 8 blog?

Prize (Sent): Styx: Shards of Darkness |  Winner: Astarte


Day 19: What is the average weight of a reticulated python?

Prize (Sent): Snake Pass |  Winner: NJ Caps


Day 20: From Deus Ex, that is the protoganist, Adam Jensen's date of birth?

Prize (Sent): Deus Ex: Mankind Divided |  Winner: C. G. Sullivan


*****Day 21: Where is the world's largest prison located?

Prize: The Escapists 2 |  Winner: [Unclaimed]


Day 22: How many pages does the first Harry Potter book have?

Prize (Sent): Tales of Berseria |  Winner: Everleigh Paxton


Day 23: What year did the first 'Godzilla' movie come out?

Prize: GOD EATER 2: Rage burst |  Winner: C. G. Sullivan


Day 24:

Prize: Sniper Elite 4 |  Winner:

Day 25:

Prize: Kona |  Winner:

Day 26:

Prize: Mafia 3  Mafia 3 Sign of the Times |  Winner:

Day 27:

Prize: Dead Rising 4 |  Winner:

Day 28:

Prize: Laura Croft GO |  Winner:

Day 29:

Prize: Goat Simulator |  Winner:

Day 30:

Prize: Destiny 2 |  Winner:


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  • Day 23: 1954?

    • Correct!


  • Just a reminder-

    each member may win up to 4 games maxiumum for this event.

    Count and plan accordingly, as we reach the end of  the giveaway!

  • For Day 22 223 pages

    • Sorry for the delay, but correct!


    To all winners whose prizes are marked as 'pending', pardon a slight delay.

    I will have it to you via inbox just as soon as it falls into my hands!

    - Ω

  • Day 20: March 9 1993 

    • Correct!


  • Day 14, guess: Reel Two, Dialog Two

    Day 18, guess: Staff.

    (If I'm allowed too that is...)

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