8012483668?profile=RESIZE_710xCalling all Spooktacular Writers!

Its another year for Writers Realm, that's four on the notch! To celebrate (in one way *wink*) we're doing a blog contest! This one comes with a prize! Compete with others on the site for the prize by... yes, writing!

Below these announcement is a list of topics that you can do! 

"Ohhhmahhhgawwwd shudduppp whats the prize!!!! How do I EEEENtttteeeRRRRRR" is what you're probably asking! Okay, I hear you!

The prize will be!





That's right folks, you yourself can have your room be like the site and be the master of your own galaxy! Relax under a gentle stream of stars while writing, sipping some tea, imagining the mass destruction of your characters life, fight depression, and just enjoy liiiiiife. Oooooooh yeeeeeaah~!

SO! "How do I get this, already?" Is what you're probably skimming for next! No need to lie, that's the only reason you're here after all.... won't hurt my feelings.

You enter with a blog....... or ten! You may write up to ten (10) blogs, per person, across all characters to enter! The more you write, the more times your name will be entered into the contest!

"LOL, what losers, I'll just write 30 blogs with 3 characters and have my name in 30 times! Hah! I beat the system! They'll never know!"

One person may only have up to ten entries.

1 person, 10 blogs, 10 entries.
Trust me, we'll know.

When entering make sure that the blog goes with the theme that you choose and that the theme is in the title of your blog. For example: "Death - How I make Ice Cream for the Dead" or "Ghosts - My House is Haunted UwU"
Ya get it, yeah?

ANYWAY! There you have it, folks! Enjoy writing and happy Wrealmstober!



--Stay tuned for all the boring legal details and all that jazz.--


1. 10 blogs per one person. That is final: 
Yeah, ten blogs is a lot of writing, huh? No worries! You can write 1 or three, five, or eight, or ten. It just matters that you write one or many and your name will be entered guaranteed.

2. Minumum of words per blog is 500 to count an entry:

3. The contest ends on Halloween:
All blogs must be submitted by end of the day at 12amMST to count as entries, and the winner will be chosen on November 2nd. Once the winner is picked we will message the account for information to send the prize via Amazon.

4. If the blog is 18+ add a warning:
Writing spoopy and scary stuff is awesome! But keep the kids in mind! If there are any triggers or a cray amount of torment put a warning for others.

5. All blogs must be on the site:
To enter the blogs must be accessible from us here on the site. Blogs anywhere else will not be counted.


Any further questions feel free to message me or comment down below.

[Prone to more tweaking when I think of them. For now, have this. Love you. Mwah!]


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