my name is mckenna and i am new to this particular website but not new to rping. i've been rping for 10+ years on a website called quotev however that site is slowly dying and i'm looking for people who rp in a similar style. i'm currently in school for a graduates degree and work full time on top of that so my extra time between that is spent on rping and playing final fantasy 14 <3. it has been a hot minute since i've rp'd simply because i'm struggling with finding people ever since i left quotev.Β 

what i'm looking for

i'm really really wanting to do a rock romance plot i've literally been craving forever. i want to do aΒ doubles rpΒ meaning we each have 2 oc's we play one being our main oc and the other being the love interest. this is because i specifically have 2 character forms in mind for each character so we'd both be making our own love interests and playing eachothers love interest. i have character forms made on another website so my profile on here does not reflect the oc's i have. i'm still trying to figure out this website.

i am a descriptive rper. i view rping as writing a book with another person and i get really into a good plot. i usually write novella/paragraphs worth of replies for both my oc and my characters love interest. i also love aesthetics and use them as well as pictures and gifs a lot.

this is an 18+ rp. this rp will contain smut, drug use, potential violence, suicidal ideations, swearing, etc. please be comfortable with this when asking me to rp. i just love writing things that really push boundaries and don't paint the world in rose tinted glasses. the world sucks and there's a struggle everyone is going through and i depict that in my realistic writing. i've personally have had experience with drug use and suicidal ideations so i do not glorify it rather than reflect the reality of drug addiction and depression within my writing.Β 

how to contact

give me a wee pm if you're wanting to plot and discuss an rp. i promise i don't bite! <3

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