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Looking for a few more threads for my little Nightmare Demon. Seeking something along the lines of a Slasher/ horror genre of play. Though I can incorporate my character into a comic bookish style universe or possibly syfy perhaps. Definitely anything supernatural will work for her story. 

 She is the daughter of Freddy Krueger and Carrie White (though mother may change if I get a different idea) For more details on that, inquire within.

Aside from my dream demon. I also have a horsewoman of Pestilence, character. That I like to use for fantasy supernatural type  rps and  in Tv show , Supernatural ,  and the video game, Darksiders. I use her in both of those universes as well as something close to that. 


Mature content, Gore, and Graphic violence and disturbing content will be a part of the storylines. So be warned. Not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. 


Anyone that feels like getting their Supernatural or Horror on. Feel free to add and message me and we can discuss plots. 


In addition  I have one character that is slightly related to the last Metal gear solid game and Parasyte the Maximum. Also,  two  characters related to Resident evil franchise, for those with interest in roleplaying either of the two franchises .




Time for Freddy



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