**Bangs back paw through the door** BOOM!

Thought that might grab your attention ... 

I was thinking of creating a IC/OCC Q&A video (I have done one in the past for another site XD). I'll collect all the questions and I'll do my best to answer them, plus also you'll be able to see the writer behind this dragon! XD.

Ask anything you like! Even if I might struggle answering it because I'm a numpty like that >.>

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  • How would your character(s) react to being placed in an amusement park?

  • Omg >.> lol!! .

  • What characteristics/Traits did you base off yourself when creating your character!  - I did this hardcore so I had to ask.

  • OOo awesome questions Omega! Deffo a few to chew on haha!

    Thanks for it!

  • Here we go-

    1. If you could see any music artist and not worry of cost, dead or alive- who would you see
    2. First place you started writing/roleplayed on
    3. Favorite part of this site in particular
    4. First place you started writing/roleplayed on?
    5. Best book you've read in a while 


    1. What is a trait for your character that makes them weak, and why do you find it important?
    2. What is your character's strongest trait to their personality?
    3. Your character's favorite possession?
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