Super new here, but I thought I'd go ahead and offer my services to anyone who is looking for a long term partner(I am relatively adamant on having an RP that is long term). I am totally open to any ideas, playing either male or female, and can acclimate to any perspective. I lean more toward fantasy, adventure, romance, and horror-ish genres, so hopefully that will give you some idea of my writing comfort zone(I don't mind venturing out, mind you). 

With all of this being said, we can go into the story having prepared a setting and established characters or completely winging the whole thing and seeing where the story takes us. I'm fine with all styles and all lengths, but please tell me what you'd prefer and if you will drop me if I don't meet a particular word count. 

Feel free to message me if you're looking for something fun and totally fantastic(or if you just want to chat)! I look forward to hearing from any of you that may find this post tempting. 

(please note: if you are looking for something ONLY sexual or kinky, I'm not the one. 😂)

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  • ahh!!~ it really sounds like you're someone after our own heart, I'd love to RP anything you'd like with you as well~ I'm super duper real good at adapting and I really love to share in the wonderment of creating and constructing any manner of wonderful worlds and fantasies with someone else...

    I like to wing things, or exhaustively build entire settings just for the hell of it, equally as much~ I'm downright down-seriously-bad for really in-depth fantasies of all sorts: high, sci, dark, punk, et cetera! and I'd give my heart out for a good eldritch horror story-n-setting!!! also, also- romance and life, adventure and the ectasy of living- ong, I really hope you'll have me, ahhh- I should probably post my own forum invite, too.

    I hope we can be pals, pardner!~ seeya in the meanwhile, hehehe~


  • Hi there, I'm new as well. I would love to run an idea for a long term, ongoing roleplay by you. 

  • You sound like such a fantastic RP partner, and on top of that an amazing person, difficult not to get excited.

    Noob on this site but not an RP noob if you are up for a chat about possible scenarios.

    P.S. Stay awesome!


  •  I am interested as well as intrigued that you are also a lolita. It should be noted that I am hot garbage at romance and don't particularly take a liking to it. I am also strictly against anything sexual.

  • Looking over the info here, I'm thinking that we could defiantly get something interesting going if you're willing to talk!

  •  Hi! Saw your post and thought you might be right up my alley for a new rp partner. I am up for any kind of game. I don't know how to private message on here :/

  • Welcome to the site! I'm super full on threads unless you don't mind pretty decent delays on threads >.< hope you're liking it here!

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